This is Super Mario Bros Wonder, Nintendo’s new 2D platform game that unleashes madness with Flor Maravilla

MADRID, Oct. 8 (EDIZIONES/Portaltic) –

The new installment of Nintendo’s platform video games is Super Mario Bros Wondera title that brings back side scrolling in 2D and that adds new features that make it a special and surprising game, with new enemies, powers and crazy dynamics with the Wonder Flower.

Nintendo will launch its new delivery from the legendary platform video game Super Mario Bros Wonder the next Friday October 20which will be available to all users through the Nintendo Switch.

The adventures of Super Mario Bros Wonder take place in the Flower Kingdom, when he Prince Florian invites Mario and his friends for a visit. However, they will have to Face legendary enemy Bowserwho has taken Prince Florian’s castle using the power of the Wonder Flower.

As is usual in Mario platform titles, the protagonists must advance until they defeat Bowser by going through different kingdoms or levels. However, on this occasion, the dynamics is again in 2D for the first time in eleven years –although at some points in the game the levels have different layers of depth–.

With this game mode, Nintendo brings back the first experiences of the Super Mario saga, introducing at the same time much more expressiveness, color, dynamics and novelties to its characters and levelsas Europa Press has seen in a test of the video game with Nintendo.

Another novelty is that Super Mario Bros Wonder includes the largest cast of characters in a Mario of platforms to date, since users will be able to bring life to up to twelve charactersamong them, in addition to the endearing duo of plumbers Mario and Luigiyou can also choose Peach, Daisy and a variety of Toads.

Likewise, players will also be able to choose one of the Yoshis or Caco Gazapo, designed especially for users with little experience, since They are immune to damage. These characters cannot transform or use powers, but they can They maintain Yoshi’s special abilitiessuch as swallowing and returning objects, attacking enemies with his tongue or staying suspended while jumping.


Thus, embodied in one of these characters, users will be able to discover the Flower Kingdom and all its extravagant characteristics. As the power of the Wonder Flower spreads across the kingdom, players will watch the environment change and madness break loose.

This is because Each level has its own Wonder Flower, which players must obtain to finish it. However, when you pick it up, unleashes its power and causes the level to change surprisingly and without any control.

That is, things can happen like the pipes become curved, enemies become giant, a stampede of bison appears, or a giant rock tries to crush the entire level. It may even happen that the main character is thrown into space or becomes the enemy himself.

What makes the Wonder Flower so special and exciting is that when you pick it up, it is unknown what will happen next. Also I know They introduce animations, colors and dynamics that do not have to be related to the level and that add more excitement to the Super Mario adventure.

However, on some occasions the Wonder Flowers they may be hiddenso they must be looked for in any corner or in anything that seems suspicious.


To overcome all the obstacles that the protagonists will encounter in each level, Nintendo has added new powers for charactersin addition to the classics obtained with the super mushroom, the fire flower and the superstar.

Specifically, these are three new power-ups with transformations that will offer a lot of help to players. One of them is Elephant, the new elephant transformation with which users can use the trunk to destroy blocks, attack enemies and store water in the trunk for later watering. This is the first time that Mario becomes a real animal and doesn’t just put on a costume.

On the other hand, users can also become bubble flowera power that allows you to launch bubbles capable of trapping enemies, as well as serving as a platform for a short time to jump and reach hard-to-reach places.

Lastly, Nintendo has added Champitaladro, a special mushroom that transforms the character’s legs into a drill to easily advance underground or on the ceiling. This power also allows you to combat enemies that are armored or thorny.

Something to keep in mind is that the power-ups can be collected and Store them to refer to them whenever they are needed.

On the other hand, Super Mario Bros Wonder has also included a badge system that give special characteristics to the protagonists in the levels. That is, the insignia unlock skills and rewards which are useful to complete the levels.

Each time a level is started, players will be able to choose to use a specific badge for that level. This way, your character will be able to use a action badge to jump higher, glide with the cap or propel yourself underwater.

Likewise, you can use object badges to get features like an extra super mushroom, more coins, or detect the presence of hidden objects. Likewise, they have also been introduced pro badgeswith which players can have abilities such as invisibility or propulsion to run throughout the level.


With Super Mario Bros Wonder, players can also have fun teaming up with friends to go through the levels of the Flower Kingdom and defeat enemies.

Nintendo has introduced a mode local multiplayerin which they can play two to four people on the same console, so the game will become cooperative and add fun. Unlike previous titles, the Characters cannot interact with each other, However, in the event that a player dies, they will reappear in ghost shape and you must touch another living character to be part of the game again.

Likewise, the Yoshis become important in multiplayer modesince, although these cannot be transformed, they can They allow the rest of the characters to get on their backs to transport them.. In this way, as they are immune to damage, the character on top will also be immune and, in addition, it allows you to reach higher places by taking advantage of Yoshi’s jump to jump on his back.

To guide the game screen, one of the characters will wear a crown above the head and will show on the screen the space of the level in which this player is located. The crown will go to the player who reaches the final flag first.

Additionally, characters can leave special panels with your silhouette along the waywhich will be used to revive in case a player has transformed into a spirit when dying.

On the other hand, there is also a way online multiplayerwith which you can create games of up to twelve people who will join ‘online’. This mode gives the option to turn the level into a race and see who achieves the goal first.

Super Mario Bros Wonder can now be pre-ordered through My Nintendo Store or Nintendo eShop for 59.99 euros.

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