This is how Twitter moderation based on tags that reports infringing tweets with limited scope works

MADRID, 25 Apr. (Portaltic/EP) –

Twitter has announced that its content moderation tags are now available, a new measure that restricts the display of posts that have violated its terms of service, while informing both creators and users that its reach has been limited.

The social network commented a few days ago that it was focused on “increase transparency” around your moderation actions as part of your new strategy ‘Freedom of expressionno scope’ proposed by its CEO, Elon Musk, since he bought the company a few months ago and began the so-called Twitter 2.0 version.

To set an example with that motto, the company has explained that it has already begun to take “measures at the tweet level” and to limit the visibility of specific posts, including those that reproduce other tweets by posting screenshots, tweeting quotes, or sharing links to other content that violates their rules.

Twitter has started adding tags to publicly highlight tweets identified as “possible offenders” identification with which it seeks to inform users that it has limited their visibility on the platform.

“Limited Visibility: This tweet may have violated Twitter’s rules for hateful conduct”, can be read in this statement, which appears both for the creators of those same tweets and for viewers and other users of the social network.

Twitter, which will introduce a direct link in those tweets to find out the reason why its reach has been limited, has commented that the creators of these publications will be able to send comments about tags if they believe their Tweet’s visibility has been “incorrectly” limited, as shown in the platform’s Help Center.

While there is this possibility to appeal the platform’s decision, Twitter has said that sending comments does not guarantee a response from you or the reinstatement of this publication.

With this, he explained that the limit visibility of a tweet, it will not show it in the trending section, recommended notifications, tabs such as ‘For you’ and ‘Following’. In addition, these publications will not be able to receive ‘Likes’, responses or retweets, among other common actions of the platform.


Twitter has qualified that, when it determines that a publication has violated its rules and that “the violation is serious enough to justify the deletion of the tweet”, will request the offender to remove it so that it can repost content.

On the other hand, it has commented that if it determines that a tweet contains misleading or questionable information based on its use policy, it can add a label to the content to provide context and additional information to the users.

The platform will make exceptions with publications that may be considered of public interest even if they may violate the community rules. Then, will place the tweet limiting its visibility, with a superimposed notice that indicates it.

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