This is how the indiscriminate terrorist attack by Hamas and Iran against Israel was created

The Hamas terrorist group – founded in 1987 – carried out this Saturday the deadliest attack in its history against Israel. There are already more than 800 confirmed deaths and it is calculated that will exceed a thousand. At least 260 of the bodies have been recovered at the venue where a rave music concert for peace was being held, in an area near the Gaza Strip. A massacre that it would have been planned for weeks and that it would have had the express approval of Iran. According to reports Wall Street Journalthe details of the operation would have been finalized last Monday, October 2, during a meeting in Beirut (Lebanon).

They would have attended the aforementioned meeting Iranian officers and members of terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah. Among them, the commander of the Quds Force (Iranian military intelligence service abroad), Esmail Qaani; Hamas military chief Saleh al Aruri; the leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Ziad al Najala; and Hezbollah leader Hasan Nasrallah. They would have been in charge of giving approval to the operation, carried out by land, sea and air.

Representatives of the three Islamist factions would have been meeting twice a week since last August for this purpose, says the New York newspaper. Officially, Iran denies its involvement in planning the attacks and threatens retaliation against countries that make “stupid moves” in response to its involvement in the massacre. This was warned this Monday by the spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Nasser Kanani.

Iran’s role

Iran has always been the hand that rocks the cradle. Both Hezbollah and Hamas are “financed, protected, trained and kept alive by the ayatollahs” and “everything they do” is “supervised or ordered” by Tehran, as Carmelo Jordá recalled last Saturday in Digital Freedom. All you have to do is see how a spokesperson for the Palestinian terrorist organization thanked Iran for its helpone day after the massacre.

The reaction of the Iranian leaders also leaves no room for doubt, it is clear that they share an enemy and objective. “This operation has been a spontaneous resistance movement of the oppressed Palestinians,” Kanaani said Saturday, “in self-defense against the provocative policies of the Zionists. “Iran holds the occupation regime responsible“he added.

They applaud the attack

They do not hide their joy at the result of the brutal attack. In Tehran, they celebrated the massacre with songs and fireworks. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, praised terrorist actions against Israel on Sunday. “The Zionist regime is a cancer that is about to be exterminated by the Palestinian people,” he exclaimed.

For his part, the Iranian president, Ebrahun Raisi, has described as “a demonstration of resistance” against the “false Zionist regime.” “The Palestinian people, the Palestinian soldiers and the Islamic Ummah should be congratulated on this victory“, has added.

However, The US continues to avoid confrontation direct with Iran and maintains that there is insufficient evidence of its involvement in the massacre in Israel, but has not been able to deny the more than evident “relationship” that it has maintained “for a long time” with Islamist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

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