This is how Feijóo paved his landing in Madrid with millionaire aid to the press taken from the budget of the Xunta de Galicia

who claim that Alberto Nunez Feijoo He is a great manager, they are not wrong. The president of the PP is a great manager, yes, but of himself and of his public image. His fame as a moderate, open-minded and efficient leader in managing public money does not correspond to the reality of his political action in Galicia, where he has dismantled public services, tripling the debt and without reaching a single agreement with the opposition in his thirteen years at the head of the Xunta.

Feijóo has managed to build that image for himself because during his years in government I exercised a tight control over the mediadirectly on the public through the conversion of the informative services of the Radio Television Corporation of Galicia (CRTVG) into a body at the service of its party, and indirectly on the private media through the discretionary use of millionaire aid to the journalistic companies of a small group of editors.

Since he came to the Presidency of Galicia until he left, he gave them 45 million euros in direct aid and hand-picked agreements that conditioned their editorial line in your favor.

When he decided to go to Madrid, and perhaps aware that there did not have the budget of the Xunta to attract the favor of the media ecosystem, he allocated a good amount of public money to continue financing those who had supported him, are supporting him and, probably, will support him.

Public He has been telling his readers about it in recent months. The following is a summary of those chronicles:

2 million scheduled for five publishers

Feijóo announced his intention to leave the Xunta and preside over the state PP on March 2. On March 7, his General Secretary for Media, Mar Sanchez Sierra, today Secretary of Communication of the state PP, programmed 2 million euros to distribute among the Galician press. The call excluded Nós Diario, the only Galician-language newspaper in the community.

In previous calls, the vast majority of funds five companies took them editors of the ten largest newspapers in the community. Single The voice of Galicia obtained more than 900,000 euros last year, almost half of all aid granted to radio, newspaper and digital.

Media discrimination in Galician

The independent media and more critics with the Governments of the PP in Galicia they usually run out of aid or with testimonial amounts call after call. In fact, those who spread information in Galician have 50 times fewer subsidies than those who employ almost entirely Spanishl. As if that were not enough, they take, in addition to the previous ones, aid for the promotion of Galician. In the thirteen years that Feijóo presided over the Xunta, in addition to the previous items, there were more than 3 million euros, which they have not served so that these companies increase the use of the co-official language of the community

315,000 euros to buy related newspapers

Between March 7 and 10, when Feijóo was already campaign to succeed Pablo Casadohis Minister of Culture, Education and University of Feijóo, Roman Rodriguezsigned another ten collaboration agreements with the same newspapers and editors who mainly benefit from the previous aid, to give them 315,000 euros destined to acquire copies of paper newspapers and distribute them in Galician schools and institutes.

The program, which has been going on for years, aims to encourage reading the press, although the agreements contemplate a copy per center once a week -in the Galician schools there is an average of 166 students-.

1.2 million for the press based in Madrid

Feijóo was appointed president of the PP on April 2 and left the Xunta on the 30th of that month, but continued to use the money of the Xunta to smooth his landing in national politics. On May 2, when both he and his Government they exercised in functionsassigned another 1.2 million euros to media based in Madrid through the Galicia Tourism Agency, which granted the subsidies without public competition and with the presumed intention that they advertise the Xacobeo.

The Transparency and Good Governance Law of Galicia prohibits a government in office from “acquiring spending commitments that are not considered current expenditure” or award contracts “whose economic estimate exceeds the amount of 150,000 euros”. Several of these contracts far exceeded that amount.

Conditions to the editorial line

In addition, the agreements, not subject to the transparency standardsto, concurrence and control of the public contracting regulations, contemplated conditions for these media to publish the institutional propaganda of the Xacobeo as if it were their own information, with express references to the names of the best-known journalists of each one of them and with the commitment to obtain “editorial reflection” of the promotions of the Xunta beyond the conventional advertising inserts.


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