They withdraw the parliamentary initiative to abolish bullfights in France


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The bill to abolish bullfighting in France was withdrawn this Thursday due to lack of parliamentary support at the request of its promoter, the left-wing deputy Aymeric Caron.

“Today it is not possible to abolish the bullfight in France”lamented in the Caron National Assembly, who denounced the “obstruction” maneuvers with hundreds of “ridiculous” amendments.

The deputy of La Francia Insumisa (LFI, Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s party), however, announced that will once again present a new proposal agreed with parliamentarians from various partieswithout specifying when.

The initiative, which had already been rejected in the legislative committee of the Assembly, has created an intense public debate in France, with demonstrations against and in favor of the bulls last weekend.

the almost 500 amendments tabled to the text they could have dragged out the debate for 24 hours, and prevented its vote before the deadline at midnight, according to the calculations of Caron, who had unsuccessfully called for the withdrawal of unnecessary amendments in a tense parliamentary session.

“87% of the French are in favor of banning bullfights”, cried, for her part, the deputy Anne Stambach-Terrenoir, Caron’s party colleague.

A large part of the amendments, he recalled, had been drafted by Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally. This group, the main opposition group, denounced having been “harassed by internet” to vote in favor of abolition.

Through the Secretary of State for Rurality, Dominique Faure, the Government of Emmanuel Macron expressed its opposition to the ban on bullfights.

“It is an ancestral culture, territorially anchored, a tradition that passes from generation to generation. You have to respect that freedom to watch the bullfights, just as you have to respect and understand the feelings of those who feel hurt by the suffering of the animal,” Faure noted.

The Secretary of State also defended the maintenance of the bullfights due to their economic impact in the areas where they are allowed.

The regions of New Aquitaine, Occitania and Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur, all of them in the south of the country and close to Spain, have a special derogation from the regulations against animal abuse that allows them to be held.

“Bulls are not necessary for the existence of traditional fairs, we will be able to continue to sing Paquito el Chocolatier”, contested the deputy Stambach-Terrenoir, regarding the destruction of jobs and cultural heritage that could imply abolishing these shows.

Bullfights in France had several ups and downs in their history. During part of the 19th century they were prohibited, until in the middle of that century they were reintroduced by the arrival of the Spanish Eugenia de Montijo, wife of Napoleon III. Prohibited again years later, they were only authorized again from 1951.

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