They receive the ETA ‘Mortadelo’ with an ‘ongi etorri’ and the victims reproach the unfulfilled promise not to humiliate them

MADRID, Dec. 24 (.) –

Associations of victims of terrorism have denounced this Friday the ‘ongi etorri’ carried out to the ETA member Ignacio Martín Etxebarria, alias ‘Mortadelo’, on Jarauta street, in Pamplona, ​​just one month after the group of ETA prisoners requested that the receptions were developed in a “private” and “discreet” manner.

“From the AVT we already warned: we did not believe their words when they announced the end of the tributes to ETA members. Time has proved us right. Not a month have they endured without humiliating the victims”, has denounced the Victims of Terrorism Association in a note on his Twitter account, collected by Europa Press.

In the same vein, they have expressed themselves from Covite, lamenting that “the words of the EPPK” – the group of prisoners of the gang – have become “dead paper in the first opportunity they have had to turn them into facts.”

In its message, shared on the same social network, the association has attached a video in which Etxebarria can be seen received to applause in the Navarran capital. “Flowers, flares and hall of honor for a terrorist murderer of six people”, has lamented Covite.


This reception comes after Etxeberria was transferred last January from the Topas Penitentiary Center, in Salamanca, to the El Dueso Penitentiary, in Cantabria, after being progressed to the second grade. He was convicted of killing five soldiers in 1992, as well as the son of a colonel.

In addition, it occurs less than a month after the EPPK published a statement in which it defended that the tributes to the released prisoners of the terrorist gang be carried out in a private environment.

“Through this statement, EPPK transmits to our family, friends and colleagues, and to Basque society, that it wants the receptions that are made to us when we go out to the streets to be held privately and discreetly, following the path traveled in general in the last months, “they pointed out then.

After consulting the ETA inmates, the EPPK considered it appropriate that their “joy of being free” be shared with those who wait for them at the very door of the prison or with those who receive them “with discretion.” “In the future, we only want receptions in a private space between family members,” they added.

The EPPK considered this decision as “an individual and collective contribution” that the gang’s prisoners make to “coexistence, peace and recognition of the suffering of others”, in addition to their own and that of their families.

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