They present the Dyson Zone headphones with an air purifying system, which will arrive in Spain in June 2023

MADRID, 8 Dec. (Portaltic/EP) –

Dyson has announced the DysonZone, High-fidelity headphones with active noise cancellation that incorporate air purification functions, thanks to electrostatic filters that capture 99 percent of pollution. This new device will begin to be sold in January in China and its arrival in the Spanish market is scheduled in June 2023.

The company presented this product proposal at the end of March, when it highlighted that these were “Dyson’s first step towards wearable technology”, result of almost a decade of development and more than 500 prototypes.

Then, he commented on some of its particularities, such as that they offer advanced noise cancellation technology (ANC), configurable in three modalitieswhich range from isolation until the conversation Y transparent, that allows users to be aware of the sounds around them.

Now, the manufacturer has taken a more detailed tour of the features of the Dyson Zone, a product with which it hopes to offer a double service. On the one hand, to provide high-fidelity sound and, on the other, to reduce users’ exposure to urban pollution problems.

Of all the characteristics of this device, its autonomy stands out, since these headphones offer up to 50 hours of ultra-low distortion, advanced noise cancellation, and faithful, full-spectrum audio reproduction.

According to the manufacturer, this product offers immersive hearing, since it adapts to heads of different sizes and geometries, in addition to allowing you to talk on the phone with a technology of formation of dual microphone beams and noise suppression.

In relation to the audio engineering of the product, Dyson has commented that the speaker driver and its electronics, as well as the mechanical system, the materials and the acoustics have been designed to minimize sound disturbances.

The product has 11 microphones and a Dyson ANC system, which uses eight of them to monitor surrounding noise 384,000 times per second. Dyson Zone also offers up to 38 dB of noise cancellation from 20Hz and 20kHz.

Dyson Zone also allows you to play frequencies of 6Hz to 21kHz, ensuring that every note of music or word is heard. Thus, by going beyond the human ear, the device achieves greater clarity throughout the audible part of the spectrum.

This wide frequency range is due to the engineering of the electro-acoustic system and the underlying components, namely the 40mm 16 ohm neodymium drivers, which They are the core of the audio system.

On the other hand, the company has highlighted that its engineers have identified the specification that offers the greatest clarity and detail across the entire audio spectrum. They have also created an equalizer setting that optimizes the frequency curve for clear audio across the entire audible frequency range for a high-fidelity audio experience.


The company has insisted that these headphones, which it has created taking into account that air pollution is a global problem and that dealing with the air pollution in cities it is a specific task.

That’s why the Dyson Zone filtration system and air supply mechanism are specifically designed to cope with this context. Thus, precision compressors, which rotate at a speed of up to 9,750 rpmthey pass the air through the double layer filters.

To implement these features, he has drawn on his years of experience in airflow, filtration and motor technologies and his knowledge of indoor and outdoor air quality.

Thanks to this, he has been able to create a mask whose compressors, located in each earpiece, extract air through the double-layer filters and project two streams of purified air towards the user’s nose and mouth, which are channeled through its contactless detachable visor.

The device’s electrostatic filter media captures 99 percent of ultrafine particle contamination — down to 0.1 microns — such as allergens, and those from sources such as air dust or construction.

It then has a second second layer, K-Carbon, enriched with potassium, which specifically captures the polluting gases of the city, such as NO2, SO2 and O3. Likewise, neutralizes unpleasant odors from the environmentsuch as construction fumes, sewage or stale subway air.


Dyson has highlighted that, like domestic air purifiers, this device provides practical information about the user’s environment, so that it acquires healthier habits.

Thus, an integrated accelerometer monitors the user’s activity -data that is transferred to the My Dyson ‘app’-, adjusting the flow of purified air appropriately when in automatic mode and with the visor placed over the nose and mouth.

In addition, the product has a head detection system, so it automatically goes into standby when not worn. Instead, when the detachable visor is attached, it activates talk mode, stops air purification, and pauses music to optimize The battery life.

The Dyson app can also be used to control the Dyson Zone, adjust the airflow speed and noise canceling mode, as well as tailor the audio equalization to your preferences, choosing from three modes: Dyson EQ (improved), Bass Boost (low) and Neutral (flatter response curve).

At the moment, this device is expected to arrive in Spain in June 2023. Previously it will be launched in Chinawhere will it arrive in Januarywhile in March it will arrive in the United Kingdom, the United States, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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