They found the body of soccer player Álvaro Prieto between two cars of a moving train, after missing for four days

Today they found the lifeless body of footballer Álvaro Prieto, between two cars of a regional train in the vicinity of the Sevillian Santa Justa station, in Spain. He is an 18-year-old young man who had been missing for four days. He was a resident of Córdoba and a Córdoba FC player.

The young man’s body has been transferred to the Forensic Anatomical Institute, where an autopsy will be performed tomorrow to elucidate the causes of his death, the circumstances of which are still unknown.

On October 12, Prietro’s track was lost in the vicinity of the Santa Justa station. The authorities activated search protocols. During today’s day, a fortuitous event occurred.

Images recorded by a TVE cameraman of a moving train could be seen, between two cars, what looked like the body of a person. This put the media and police services on alert.

However, RTVE has “deeply” regretted the images broadcast live this Monday on the Mañaneros program in which the body of a person is seen between two train cars and has proceeded to open an internal investigation.

The Government delegate in Andalusia, Pedro Fernández, said that although it was ultimately a chance discovery, the body has been located precisely in an area that the National Police had designated to focus search tasks with dogs this Monday.

The train where the young man’s body was found had not been in service for weeks and had not moved since last August 24. It was broken down and during these days it has not made any movement nor has it been subjected to inspection or maintenance, according to EFE.

It was parked in a section of the Santa Justa Technical Treatment Center and this Monday it was carrying out an internal maneuver without providing passenger service.

The University of Córdoba has declared three days of official mourning for the death of Álvaro Prieto, a Mechanical Engineering student at the aforementioned center, and Córdoba CF, the team in which he played in the youth category, has shown its “unconditional support” to the family. .

While waiting to know the circumstances of his death, what is known to date is that Álvaro Prieto traveled to Seville on Wednesday to spend a night out with some friends, and that on Thursday morning he planned to return by train to Córdoba, but apparently he missed his train and his cell phone battery ran out.

He then decided to get on another train without the corresponding ticket, although he was detected by its staff who urged him to get off, and apparently the station cameras show the young man walking out of Santa Justa, the last images they had of him. with life.

With information from EFE

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