They dismantle a website that offered identity theft services to commit scams around the world

MADRID, 25 Nov. (Portaltic/EP) –

A joint international action by judicial and police authorities has dismantled a website that offered phishing services to commit fraud for a value of 115 million euros.

The web offered payment services for making calls and sending pre-recorded messages anonymously and to intercept the keys of a single use for the confirmation of digital services, posing as banking, commercial or government entities.

This type of scam seeks to gain the trust of the potential victim by presenting himself to her as a well-known brand or company, in order to obtain money from her.

Global losses are estimated at 115 million euros, as reported from Europol in a press release. Likewise, and in just 16 months of activity, the website has earned 3.7 million euros.

The joint operation between police and judicial authorities from Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia has meant the closure of the website Y the arrest of 142 users and administrators from around the world.

The investigation was launched at Eurojust at the request of the British authorities. The president of this body, Ladislav Hamran, has stated that “since cybercrime knows no borders, the effective judicial cooperation between jurisdictions is key to bring the perpetrators to justice.”

For her part, the executive director of Europol, Catherine De Bolle, has pointed out that the arrests made “send a message to cybercriminals that can no longer hide behind perceived international anonymity“.

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