They denounce a fraud in the courses for the unemployed of three city councils of Ourense to benefit those related to the PP

The BNG has denounced irregularities in access procedures to paid training courses for the unemployed financed by the Xunta de Galicia in three municipalities of Ourense, to deliver places to people related to the Popular Party, which governs the towns of A Merca, Cartelle and Ramirás, in the region of Terra de Celanova.

The courses are part of what the Xunta calls “dual employment workshops”, in which, in addition to receiving professional training, unemployed people carry out paid work in activities of public utility or social interest.

The evaluation criteria were violated, according to those affected

Among other anomalies, those affected assure that the personal interviews that appeared in the bases were not carried out, that the evaluation criteria were violated, that documentation was required and collected by hand that should have been sealed in the registry with the corresponding received, and that The claim terms and conditions were breached to prevent the injured parties from being able to correct their exclusion.

The Obradoiro de Emprego Río Arnoia, promoted by the aforementioned councils, offers annually gardening and masonry workshops charged to regional funds, which finance both the expenses of teaching staff and the start-up and development of the workshops by the municipalities as well as the hiring of the participants.

These receive a remuneration equal to 100% of the minimum wage interprofessional. The total cost is around 370,000 euros per course, and the Xunta has budgeted about 13.5 million euros for the 2022 call throughout the community.

As he has told Public one of the injured people, last Wednesday, October 6, it was presented at the A Merca Town Hall, where the evaluation tests of the applicants had to be carried out. Along with 60 other people, he waited in the street until they were called, three at a time, to deliver the required documentation, which the officials collected by hand and without returning any proof of registration.

Admission subject to two-way scoring

Admission to paid courses is subject to the two-way scoring. One, objective, by documentary proof of certain personal circumstances, such as, in addition to being unemployed, not receiving unemployment benefits, having a disability certificate, being at risk of social exclusion, having dependent children, or being a victim of gender violence, among others.

The other baremable test was the supposed interview, that those affected who denounced the irregularities assure that no one did them, but in which they were assessed with very low marks and with less than half the score obtained by some of those admitted.

The day they appeared for the tests, in which they could only deliver the documentation, they assure that the officials told them by word of mouth that the provisional lists would come out the next day, Thursday. But They did not appear on the website of the Concello de Cartelle until Monday, that is, the period of three business days to claim that they established the bases of the courses is about to expire. They were also told that the claim form was in PDF as an annex to the provisional list, but this was not the case, so that nobody could claim.

“The people admitted are related (…) to the PP,” says one of those affected

“In the villages we all know each other, and we all know that the people admitted are related or relatives of people close to the PP“says one of those affected, who prefers to remain anonymous to avoid reprisals.

Sources from the A Merca City Council, which is governed by José Manuel Garrido – his predecessor, Manuel Velo, left office in 2019 after a conviction for disobedience – have denied Public any type of irregularity, and they stressed that the rules of the call were scrupulously followed.

They also added that the documentation received was duly registered and that the deadlines stipulated in the bases were met, although they admitted that some candidates were not interviewed when it was found that the score they had obtained in the objective phase of the process was too low so that not even with the highest grade in the interview they would surpass the rest.

Public He has tried unsuccessfully to obtain the version of the Mayor of Cartelle, Jaime Sousa Seara, and the Mayor of Ramirás, Isabel Gil Álvarez. This medium has also addressed the Department of Emprego and Equality, directed by María Jesús Lorenzana, but has not obtained an answer to the question whether the Xunta is aware of the complaints.

Those affected have complained and the BNG demands answers

To those affected who filed a claim with the regional administration, the Xunta has answered that has no competencies in the selection processes of applicants to the Obradoiro Río Arnoia courses.

The BNG spokesperson in Cartelle, Ernesta Seoane, has denounced the breach of the bases of the process and has claimed explanations to the mayors of the three municipalities.

From BNG they require municipalities to indicate how they evaluated “interviews that were never carried out”

“We demand that the municipal governments of To Merca, Cartelle and Ramirás explain how it is possible that scores were given for some interviews that never took placeHow is it possible that these interviews were not carried out if they were on the bases, and how is it possible that these non-existent interview scores were decisive in awarding the positions of female students-workers, “he said.

The PSOE spokesman in that City Council, Jesús Pereira Vázquez, has also announced that he will present a municipal motion on the case.


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