They create a smart perfume that allows you to choose 100 fragrances in a single device

MADRID, Dec. 3 (Portaltic / EP) –

The manufacturer NINU has created what it claims is the first smart perfume, a device that connects to the mobile through an application with which the user can choose a fragrance among the hundred available.

Smart Fragrance from NINU, a Slovenian company, has been presented through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, where with one month left until the end of the campaign has already exceeded its funding target and achieved more than 40,000 euros.

This device, bottle-shaped and black in color or reddish, it seeks that users can choose to change their perfume whenever they want, for example with the arrival of a new season, when they take a trip or according to the time of day.

To do this, it uses a patented technology with which the user can choose the fragrances they want or even mix the perfumes it contains to obtain new aromas. This process is carried out through a smartphone app.

Each bottle contains inside with three 25 milliliter fragrance bases each that can be used independently or combined (depending on the percentage of ‘fresh’, ‘sexy’ or ‘elegant’, as well as its intensity) to obtain up to 100 different fragrances, for both men and women.

The application is equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) functions with which you can suggest new and additional combinations to the user, based on their preferences and their previously used perfumes.

NINU already allows you to reserve one of its Smart Fragrances from 169 euros And, after the end of the financing drive scheduled in January, the company expects to begin shipping the devices to buyers. as of June 2022.

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