These big announcements were made in Reliance AGM

Photo: PTI Mukesh Ambani.

The 46th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Reliance Industries concluded on Monday. Company’s Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani said many big things on this occasion. He said that Reliance is the leader of emerging New India. This is New India. This new India neither stops nor gets tired. In the meeting, Mukesh Ambani made several big announcements for the coming time on behalf of Reliance Industries. Let’s know about them in detail…

focus on value creation

Reliance has focused towards new opportunities keeping in mind the growing India. Reliance is focusing on the sectors of Textiles, Polyesters, Polymers, Refining, Retail, Services and New Energy. All these sectors are being pushed ahead at the cost of global competition. The company’s EBITDA CAGR since IPO is 23%.

benefit to shareholders
Since the IPO of Reliance Industries, the company has given dividend to the shareholders without any interruption. The value of Reliance Retail has increased from 428,000 crores to 828,000 crores in 3 years. The demerger of Jio Financial Services has also helped the shareholders to grow with the company.

home delivery preparation
Reliance is preparing to reach every household in India through technology. The move talks about everything from video games, retail-online shopping to Jio Cinema. As per the data released, the company’s mobile and fixed line has reached 450 million, registered customer base 250 million and Jio Cinema IPL streaming 450 million and TV network 700 million per month.

Growth and Margin Expansion
For growth, the company is focusing on organic growth through market share and customer base. New products are being offered to the customers. Along with this, we are taking new steps in the field of energy at a globally competitive cost. For margin, the company is demodulating the product portfolio. Also focusing on custom solutions and value add.

investment in technology
Reliance is investing in expanding supply chain infrastructure. Jio Mart is being made even better. The company is also trying to make the indigenous brand global. The company’s FMCG business has been entering multiple categories to provide world class products to Indian Indian customers. For this, first Asia and Africa have been kept in the target.

digital extension
Reliance said that the company has so far reached 450 million people through digital services. Jio Fiber has also reached 25 million people. The company said that Jio 5G now has more than 5 crore customers. Also, 96 percent of the country’s 5G phones have Jio’s network. Jio has set the record for the fastest 5G rollout in the world. Reliance Industries said that the company is also looking at introducing AI services to expand other revenue models.

Target of new energy and net zero
Reliance Industries announced at the AGM to achieve the goal of net zero by 2035. The company aims to become the largest renewable energy hub in India’s manufacturing sector. This will save both money and energy. The company also announced to step into the field of solar and wind energy. The company said that it has become the largest bio energy producer in India on the basis of indigenous technology.

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