These are the Angels of Hell and that is how they came to control Mallorca

The macro trial in the National Court against 47 people related to the Mallorcan branch of the biker organization Hell’s Angels o Hell’s Angels deflated as soon as this Monday began, when 34 defendants reached agreements in accordance with the Prosecutor’s Office, which, although they mean the recognition of the crimes with which they are accused, also considerably lower the sentences, avoiding prison thanks to the payment of fines.

These pacts with the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office also reveal certain difficulties for prosecutors to sustain some of the accusations, especially those related to alleged illegal arrests, since some victims have not been located, according to what Public has been able to learn from legal sources related to the case.

Who are the Hell’s Angels?

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, they are “a criminal organization of international scope and that revolves around a world motorcycle club known as Hells Angels Motor Club (HAMC) —Hell’s Angels—. This band was founded in 1948 in the United States and, from there, it has spread throughout the world through the creation of branches, called ‘chapters’.

Hell’s Angels For Anti-Corruption, it is a “perfectly structured organization that carries out internal control in a coercive or violent manner, with a strong hierarchical nature, and iron discipline among its members.”

The HAMC organization currently has about 350 ‘chapters’ and about 5,000 members. All components participate in expanding and strengthening the organization. “It is constantly growing in the selection of areas where to carry out its criminal activities, absorbing or establishing ‘forced’ friendship with the ‘motor club’ of these areas, and
entering into conflict with the ‘docile’ or with rival clubs, according to the Anti-Corruption indictment.

What are your internal rules?

Its members must obey the rules (written and unwritten) and put the interests of the organization before their own individuals. Some rules of action are established to avoid infiltrations. Members who violate these rules can be expelled from the club, punished with beatings and even death, says the Prosecutor’s Office.

When and why did they come to Mallorca?

The Hell’s Angels they settled in Majorca about the month of November 2009, where they constituted a ‘chapter’ with full members of other European ‘chapters’, mainly the so-called nomads from Turkey. The Mallorca branch was dissolved in January 2011, “remaining the brothers Khalil and Abdelghani Youssafiparticipating in crimes related to prostitution and drug trafficking,” according to prosecutors.

These indicate that the establishment in the Balearic Islands was a consequence of the band’s strategy at a European level, “motivated by its geographical location, existence of hostess businesspossibility of money laundering and the drug trafficand the presence of a foreign resident population, which facilitated extortion practices”.

What alleged crimes did they commit in Mallorca?

The activity of the ‘chapter’ of Mallorca stands out for its links with the leaders of the ‘chapters’ of Hannover (Germany), frank hanebuthand from Turkey, Necati Coskum Arabacias well as those of Luxembourg, Barcelona and the Netherlands.

From 2009 to 2012, the National Police and the Civil Guard investigated the members of the Mallorcan branch of the Hell’s Angels. In the summer of 2010, 20 people were arrested during a fight between gangs and 23 weapons, such as knives and machetes, were seized.

But it was the testimony of a German citizen who was allegedly being extorted by members of the gang that led to the start of the investigation, which culminated in July 2013 with the arrest of about twenty Hell’s Angels. The delay in formalizing the accusation by the Prosecutor’s Office will cause reductions in sentences for those accused who have not admitted the crimes and who have not reached an agreement with the prosecutors.

The accusations range from treats, procuring, Whitening, threats until drug traffic and of weaponsaccording to Anticorruption, which analyzes the specific charges of each of the 47 defendants in a 165-page brief.

The opening of business prostitution it was one of his lines of business. They often used prostituted women as front men, putting high-end vehicles and companies in their names to hide their true wealth.

Investigators found several cases of trafficking, in which women from the East were tricked into coming to Mallorca to work as waitresses and then held against their will in a house when they refused to work as prostitutes.

Prostitution business in Mallorca

The Hell’s Angels took over several clubs on the island in order to turn them into prostitution businesses. They coerced the women, who were considered their property, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, for which reason “they must comply with their rules or abide by sanctions of various forms (physical, psychological or pecuniary).” They are transferred from one ‘chapter’ to another depending on the needs that arise.

They were also used for the hidden transfer of money, as messengers of information between members or “to corrupt police officials and members of rival gangs”, stated in the letter of the Prosecutor’s Office, which adds that the great benefits of the organization are hidden. fiscal control, through intermediaries”.

The Hell’s Angels took control of prostitution on the island, through the acquisition of premises both in Palma and in the tourist town of Mallorca. The Prosecutor’s Office says that they even subjected prostituted women to aesthetic operations to make them “more productive.”

Relations with the Local Police of Palma

Among the accused are two agents of the Local Police of Palma and a sergeant of the Civil Guard stationed in the Mallorcan municipality of Calviá. There were two more civil guards accused of prohibited negotiations but the Prosecutor’s Office finally withdrew the accusation.

According to the Public Ministry, the accused policeman Nicanor Góngora “relied on a network of contacts made up of active agents known to him, members of the Palma Local Police, Civil Guard and National Police, who also charged for these activities.” The police mafia in Mallorca has gone through different courts on the island and recently by the Provincial Court in the Cursach caseabout the business of the Majorcan nightlife magnate, in which the 26 defendants have been acquitted, half of them police officers, in a strange twist by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor.

There are still pending trials in Mallorca about the police mafia that has acted with impunity for decades. One is against several agents of the Palma Local Police for receiving invitations to brothels.

With this breeding ground in the Local Police, the Hell’s Angels were able to count on several agents as collaborators, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, who did favors to the members of the gang in exchange for money, such as, for example, stopping complaints against their members or obtain licenses to open premises.

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