These 4 devices will make your home smart, their price is less than 1000 rupees

Photo:File photo You can also buy these devices from the offline market.

Smart Gadgets for Home: In this era of technology, nowadays everything is becoming smart. The way we work is also getting smarter. In such a situation, if you want to convert your home into a smart home, then you can do so very easily. You must be feeling that to make the house smart, more money will have to be spent, then it is not so at all. There are such smart gadgets in the online and offline market which come at a price less than Rs 1000 and will make your home look completely different from other ordinary homes.

You can order all these products from e-commerce websites Amazon and Flipkart. Let’s know about these smart gadgets for home…

Window Door Entry Alarm System

You must have guessed a little about the door entry alarm system device from the name itself. It is a device with magnetic sensor. You can put it in the door of your house. When someone enters your house, it will make a loud sound. Loud siren is provided in this device. Along with this, it is an anti-theft device. You can buy this in the online market for less than Rs.250.

Motion Sensor Light: (Motion Sensor Light for Home)

The motion sensor light is an extremely useful device. Many brands provide motion sensor lights in the market. A motion sensor is present in this type of light, which turns on the light at the slightest movement. You can install this type of light in the room of elderly people. The light automatically turns off if there is no activity in the room for 30 seconds.

Wi-Fi Smart IR Control Hub

You can buy this device from Amazon and Flipkart. This is an IR control hub. With this, you can control products like AC of your home very easily. The device is also compatible with Alexa and Google Home. Its price can be close to 9900.

Power Saving Motion Device (PIR Sensor with Light and Energy Saving Motion)

Its price is also only 500 rupees. It is a device which is equipped with a light sensor and it easily detects whether it is day or night and turns on the light accordingly. This device can rotate up to 180 degrees.

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