The young German woman displayed half-naked by Hamas terrorists was beheaded

Israel has confirmed the death of German Israeli Shani Louka 23-year-old girl who was attacked at the music festival where Hamas committed a massacre on October 7 and whose body appeared half-naked and bloody, displayed in a van, in a horrifying video.

Although her family maintained hope that Shani was alive and the possibility was even spread that she was in a hospital in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has indicated that her death has been confirmed after having been “kidnapped, tortured and displayed by Hamas terrorists, and experience unimaginable horrors.

According to information provided by Israeli military sources to Shani’s mother, cited by the German RTL, the remains could be identified by extracting DNA from a splinter of the skull bone.

Although the first information indicated that she had been murdered, she was murdered on October 7 with a shot to the head, Israeli President Jitzchak Herzog told the German newspaper Bild that only her skull had been found and that she had therefore been decapitated: “I regret confirm that Shani Nicole Louk was murdered. We have found her skull. That means that those barbarians, those sadistic animals, beheaded her, while they killed and kidnapped other Israelis. It is a great tragedy and I convey to her family my deepest condolences.”

The young woman’s mother, Ricarda Louk, also a resident of Israel, told German media that she received a call from Shani from the festival saying that they were looking for her car to escape. That was her last contact with him until shortly after they received the brutal images of her body being mistreated by Hamas terrorists.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has described his death as “barbaric” and said the news about it is “terrible.” “Like many others, she has been brutally murdered. This shows the complete barbarity behind the Hamas attackwho must be brought to justice.” “This is terrorism and Israel has the right to defend itself“, he stated in a message broadcast through his X account, formerly known as Twitter.

Previously, from Lagos, where he is on an official trip, he noted that “this shows what kind of conscience these criminals have” and emphasized that “it is something that as human beings we can only despise.”

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