The Yemeni “Islah Party”: The mistakes of the “unity” state are not a justification for detracting from it

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The Yemeni Islah Party said, on Friday, that “the mistakes that accompanied the unity state are not a justification for detracting from it,” in light of calls for separatism in the south of the country.

This came in statements by a member of the Supreme Commission for Reform (the largest Islamic party in Yemen) and the head of its parliamentary bloc, Abd al-Razzaq al-Hajri, which was reported by the party’s “Sahwa Net” website, after the heads and representatives of southern political components signed a “national pact” paving the way for secession from the north of the country.

Al-Hijri said, “The Yemeni unity was and still represents a historical, national and Arab achievement, and it is the natural situation for Yemen as an entity, people, identity and one history.”

He added, “Federal Yemen is the perfect solution to ensure the fair distribution of power and wealth on the basis of partnership.”

Al-Hijri stressed that “the mistakes that accompanied the unity state cannot be made a justification for torpedoing this great achievement or detracting from it.”

Al-Hijri’s statements come before the sixth session of the National Assembly of the Southern Transitional Council (separatist) to be held on May 21 and 22 in the city of Mukalla (south), and days after the heads and representatives of southern political components signed a “national charter” paving the way for secession from the north of the country, while Boycotted and rejected by other southern components.

Al-Hajri called on all “national forces to unite with each other to confront the Houthi militia,” noting that “all the gains of Yemenis today and their future is threatened by this existential danger.”

He stressed “the need to unify ranks and mobilize efforts and energies to restore the state, end the militia coup, and build a modern federal Yemen, which is the responsibility of all the people of the country.”

South and North Yemen entered into a voluntary union on May 22, 1990, but disagreements between the leaders of the ruling coalition at the time and complaints of southern forces of “marginalization and exclusion” led to calls for secession, especially with the outbreak of the current civil war.

Southern forces are still calling for secession, which is rejected by large segments of the Yemeni people, while the authorities deny accusations of marginalization and exclusion of the south.

Yemen has been suffering for 9 years from a war between the forces loyal to the legitimate government, backed by an Arab military coalition backed by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and the forces of the Iranian-backed Houthi group, which has controlled governorates, including the capital, Sana’a, since 2014.

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