The World Cup in Qatar: labor exploitation, abuse and 6,500 deaths

The highest competition of men’s football internationally it will take place between November 20 and December 18 in Taste. It will be a world anomalous. Much has been said that the games will be played for the first time in winter, so that the elite athletes do not suffer the extreme temperatures that supports the country during the rest of the year. But few covers beach bars and morning gatherings have given a voice to those who have been playing another game for more than a decade: their own lives. Thousands of migrant workers have been in charge of building stadiums and other infrastructures in record time, under Labor conditions terrible, suffering abuse and being victims of exploitation. It will be because they are not of the elite. And in TasteWhen you are not from the elite, neither do you matter nor do your rights.

India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Kenya, Sri Lanka or Pakistan are some of their countries of origin. They account for nearly 95% of all workers of the worldial. They left their families behind to move to Qatar, the fourth country with the rent per capita highest in the world, and to be able to send money home. Money to pay for a home or secure a future for your children. The truth is that migrant workers, in addition to being delayed for several months in payments, have hardly any Rights, neither human nor labor, and they cannot claim them either. Qatari companies are in charge of cementing this lack of guarantees: they requisition their passports, they prevent them from changing jobs and keep them out of any union hint. In short, they take advantage of their status as migrants to exercise a clear abuse of powerprime their fortunes and climb many positions above.

More than 6,500 migrants have died working at 50º, without breaks and without security measures

In February of last year, the British newspaper Guardian fixed on 6,500 The number of dead migrant workers in the World Cup in Qatar since the beginning of the works. They were dedicated to building stadiums, green areas or training spaces. They did it under temperatures up to 50º, without security measures and without days off. It took months to receive their ridiculous salaries and the days lasted from early in the morning until the sun went down again. The result reveals thousands of people who died between 2010 (when the FIFA he chose Taste as the venue for the championship) and 2022. The countries of origin of the victims corroborate the figure offered Guardian. However, the authorities of the organizing country still do not offer fairly credible data and attribute the deaths to health problems.

crowd of humanitarian organizations and unions have denounced during these twelve years the working conditions of workers in Taste. The complaints have reached FIFA, which could have stopped the massacre even before it was activated. In 2010, when the sports body announced that the Asian country would host the world Cup this year’s men’s soccer tournament, has already received a lot of criticism. There were alerts in the absence of labor rights and it was remembered, because it was no secret, that in Qatar the human rightsthat the collective was persecuted LGBTI, was discriminated against women and censored the freedom of the press. All these violations are still standing, but FIFA prefers to turn a blind eye and keep an eye on the tickets. If the sheiks pay, what does the rest matter?

Labor exploitation and (modern) slavery

The migrant workers they move to Taste deceived, with false salary promises that are very different from what they actually receive. survive in camps on the verge of subhuman. Many times they do not have their work permits in order, because the companies refuse to renew them, in retaliation or simply to keep them completely cancelled. They are forced to do forced labor. If they dare to say no, due to the conditions or the risks, they are threatened with being handed over to the police, with their consequent expulsion from the country and with the loss of their salaries.

Another of the issues that has been whitened the most throughout the decade is the slavery. Under a false appearance of democratization, hides the kafala: labor exploitation adapted to modern times. It is the legal sponsorship system used by companies to take advantage of their workers. According to this regulation, every foreign person must have a sponsor (in this case, companies) to be able to work in the country. The Business In this way, they ensure possession of all the rights of migrants: they can confiscate their passports and prevent them from leaving the country without their permission. The Labor conditions imposed by the sponsor and unions are prohibited for migrant labor.

The silence of the Spanish Football Federation

Though Guardian talk about more than 6,500 deathsthe authorities and the organization of the Qatar World Cup they deny this figure and barely recognize a small percentage of the victims. This means that the families of the deceased cannot claim any type of compensation in this regard. There are several football federations who have publicly condemned the abuses and the situation of migrant workers in the host country. They are few, but among them are those of Germany, Denmark, Norway or Sweden, all members of FIFA. The Spanish delegation is still silent. International Amnesty has launched a campaign to demand that she speak out and join her European counterparts. The objective is to increase the pressure on FIFA and jointly demand an investigation into everything that has been covered up for almost thirteen years.

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