The woman accused of the attack on Cristina Fernández points to the opposition

Brenda Uliarteaccused and on her way to the oral trial as co-author of the assassination attempt against Cristina Fernández de Kirchnerpresented a explosive writing in which you enter the name of Gerardo Milman, deputy of the opposition coalition Together for Change, and links her then boyfriend, the also accused Fernando Sabag Montiel, with the violent far-right group Federal Revolution.

The young woman, imprisoned in the Ezeiza prison (Buenos Aires), asks that the text be taken as an extension of her investigative statement. What she is looking for is disassociate from the attack and improve their judicial situation. At the same time, it leaves some indications that could lead to the political and financial side of the case, which has never been delved into even though the call is still in the investigation stage. “Milman track”, which points to the deputy of Together for Change. The play was anticipated Page 12 by his lawyer Carlos Telleldinwho now revealed that three of the members of the criminal organization, called cups -for selling cotton candy on the streets-, “they went to pressure Brenda to go to jail on Sunday so that she wouldn’t talk.”

“I don’t know why Nando (Sabag Montiel) did this, but I do know that he is not capable of organizing and doing all this alone, clearly someone is behind. I never saw Milman but they said he paid several people to participate in demonstrations and thereby generate disturbances and violence around Cristina Kirchner’s house. Let’s see, I’m not saying that they financed the attack, but they did finance it to agitate and cause trouble. And (Gabriel) Carrizo knows all this but he is going to cover for Nando, he does not want to have problems with those above, he knows that there is heavy weight.” This is what part of Uliarte’s text says that the lawyer Sabrina Mansilla, who is part of the Telleldín team – presented before Federal Oral Court 6, which is preparing the oral trial. There, in addition to Uliarte, those accused of attempted aggravated homicide are Sabag Montiel – who tried to shoot the vice president in the head and who until now has always tried to disassociate himself from the case to Uliarte- and Gabriel Carrizohead of the sales group cups of sugar that the couple made up. Uliarte’s brief was presented to the court of Maria Eugenia Capuchetti and will be handed over to the prosecutor Carlos Rivolo with the intention that she joins the cause or she can ratify it. The key will be whether Uliarte provides evidence and what the prosecutor plans to investigate. In an investigation you can lie.

Before naming Milman, Uliarte states in his writing that he heard Sabag Montiel talking to “a girl named Carolina, and when I asked him who she was, he told me she was a friend’s secretary” and “not to break his balls with jealousy. In the month and a half that we were together she mentioned her to me two or three times.” The enigma is whether she refers to Carolina Gómez Monacothe former Miss Argentina advisor to the PRO deputy (Republican Proposal party), who worked with him in a key position in the Ministry of Security, when he directed it Patricia Bullrich. In the case, Gómez Mónaco is the one who delivered a new cell phone with almost no information, and then it was discovered that he had another one. It was the same model as the one that Milman gave in a supposed gesture of collaboration, iPhone 14, which went on sale after the attack. Gómez Mónaco is also one of the two women who were with the legislator in the Casablanca bar when witness Jorge Abello heard him say, two days before the attack: “When they kill her, I’m on my way to the coast.” The other said that they erased his cell phone in the Bullrich offices before he was kidnapped.

Uliarte says that although he knew Nando, as he calls it, for a long time, they had only been a couple for a month and a half. There – she maintains – she discovered that He had “personality conflicts”was “bipolar”, “manipulative”. “I suffered several acts of gender violence”“in fact if they check my cell phone [teléfono móvil] “You’re going to see that there are photos of me being beaten,” he said. The discussion would have been when he was speaking with Carolina and his defense will ask to trace the conversations by date. The problem is that Sabag’s cell phone was damaged and Gómez Mónaco’s cell phone was damaged, if any. It’s about her, it can’t be analyzed.

Federal Revolution

Due to Uliarte’s expressions about the Federal Revolution, his writing will also have an impact on the file where that organization is being investigated for its violent actions and threats, even that of kill CFKin talks at Twitter Spaces. This case is being processed separately from that of the attack because neither Capuchetti nor the Federal Chamber wanted to unite them. The complaint of Juan Grabois will ask the judge Marcelo Martínez de Giorgi and the prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita that in that file they call Uliarte as a witness, so there she would be obliged to tell the truth.

How does Uliarte relate Sabag Montiel to the Federal Revolution? “I went to the headquarters of the Federal Revolution one day to sell cups, which Fernando took me. He was part of all that, I wasn’t. In fact, if you ask the members of Revolución Federal, no one knows me, or if they saw me, I was ever selling at some event, not because I was interested in the event itself, but because it sold very well,” says Uliarte.

In the cause of the attack there is a dialogue in which Sabag Montiel proposed to the rest of the cups go sell cotton candy at the torchlight march called by the Federal Revolution in front of the Casa Rosada on August 18 of last year. His excuse was Uliarte: “As it is a political movement that is very related to what is happening with Brenda’s current affairs, the plans and has everything to do with the issue, it is going to have an impact today in the Plaza. That is why “I don’t know if you could work today, or make enough flakes to go,” he said in a “work” group created on WhatsApp by Carrizo. Uliarte posted from Instagram two photos of herself in that mobilization, dressed in tights and a striped t-shirt but without flakes. “There are many people missing, we have to be many shouting so that they can hear us. We cannot continue sleeping while they shit in our dreams…” she wrote. She would have been on July 9 in another march of that group that had as references Jonathan Morel and Leonardo Sosa. In another Federal Revolution march, the one in which they took a guillotine to Casa Rosada, the one who was there was Milman, along with other representatives of JxC (Together for Change). “I never saw Morel personally,” says Uliarte. “I spent very little time with Nando and everything I know about them and the Federal Revolution is because he told me about it.”

Uliarte puts everything together: “The cups They want to make me look like I ordered it and it is totally a lie, they are covering it up so that the truth about what he was like and the contacts he had is not known. I cannot guarantee that they financed him to kill someone, but on two occasions he told me that they did finance the Federal Revolution. There were people who contacted the anti-k (sic) government, who paid for us to go to the marches, and to the events, in reality they paid him and he took me.”

Among the WhatsApp exchanges that make up the test, there are several that go against this version of the girl. On August 27, 2022, the day Horacio Rodríguez Larreta fenced off the block of CFK’s home and the crowd that was going to support her grew in the middle of the trial known as “Vialidad” (where the prosecutor Diego Luciani had requested for the vice president a sentence of 12 years in prison and perpetual disqualification from public office), Sabag Montiel went to make his first assassination attempt. From the conversations with Uliarte it is clear that he did not dare or could not. She told him: “The idea is that you put the cork and escape.” But he told her that the vice president had already entered her house and the C5N (Argentine news channel) cameras were there, among other things. “He already… got inside me and the stage and the amphitheater took him out, and he was… I touched Axel Kicillof’s back and he got into a Toyota Etios (…) that’s it, stop, I’m going there, don’t bring anything “Sabag told him.

Earlier that day Uliarte had sent messages to his friend Agustina Diaz: “Today I become San Martín. I’m going to have Cristina killed… I’m tired of them talking and doing nothing. I’m going to do it. The spirit of San Martín entered my body.” It was not the first time he mentioned the topic: “I go with the iron and I shoot Cristina”, he told her on July 4. She commented the same thing to her friend Nacho, who tried to dissuade her from it. “It’s a matter of organization and acting like a Trojan horse. Well, find yourself a softie like you. I’m not soft. I’m boiling,” she replied. According to Uliarte, the talks with Agustina are “taken out of context.” “We talked about the situation in the country, or my disagreement with some policies (…) we made jokes with politicians, among them Cristina, but I never had any intention of harming him and I never believed that Nando was going to do something like that. He “He always said that he wanted her dead, that he had screwed up the country, but that’s what many people think.”

On September 1

This is the first time that Uliarte offers his version of the day of the attack. She didn’t do it when she was questioned. Her official defender was Gustavo Kollmann, whom she now questions. Telleldín appeared in the case when she was about to be brought to trial. She tried to get the girl to testify before her but Capuchetti beat her to the elevation. “That day Nando was strange, it was Thursday. I was doing UBA XXI Medicine, the CBC (first cycle of studies at the University of Buenos Aires). When he showed me the gun, at first I thought it was a replica, that day Fernando pointed it at me with the gun and told me ‘Now if I want I’ll kill you, that’s when I was scared“Although he had violent situations with me, he had never targeted me, I tried to calm myself down (…) at that moment he started to threaten me, he told me ‘come with me or I’ll kill you.'” He said that they left the house, went to the Abasto , to pay for some tattoos and then to Juncal and Uruguay. “We arrived at the event and when I saw him approaching I grabbed his arm and told him not to do it, that the joke is enough, that the joke was not funny and that it was scaring me, called me a coward” According to her, when she realized “that he was really going to do it, that he was going straight to Cristina,” he went to the corner, asked to go to the bathroom, asked how to go to the Obelisk and called his cousin Martín Uliarte, who He is a Buenos Aires police officer. He took the train and went to the house of his ex-partner Lucas Ocampos, to whom he did not say anything.

From then until his arrest three days later, one of the things he did was go to the Argentine television network Telefé with Carrizo and the cups to disengage. She said that she did not know that Sabag had a gun, that she had not been with him that day, that she never thought he would do something like that and that she was afraid of not being able to work. In the story given by his lawyer, she says that she lives “hell because of him (Sabag Montiel) and his decisions and it is evident that the cups They defend him.” Telleldín told Page 12 that on Sunday the members of the group appeared in the Ezeiza prison Miguel Castro Riglos, Sergio Orozco and Lucas Acevedo. “She had not asked for a visit, she believed that she could be a relative. They pressured her not to testify and change her lawyer. They told her that she did not trust her current lawyer and that they had someone who was going to defend her. better: Fernando Burlando“. The visit to the prison was confirmed by Página/12.

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