The White House confirms the discovery of classified documents in Biden’s houses

The special counsel of the White House, Richard Sauber, has confirmed in a statement the discovery of new classified documents in one of the houses of the US president, Joe Bidenfrom the time he was vice president (2009-2017), in one of his private residences in Delaware (USA).

The legal team of the Presidency did a search, in collaboration with the Department of Justice, at the Wilmington and Rehoboth beach residences, Delaware. “Those are the other locations where documents from his office during the Vice Presidency could have been sent in the course of the transition in 2017. The lawyers completed the review last night,” Sauber said.

The lawyers found political and personal papers next to a series of classified documentss in a storage space in the garage of Biden’s Wilmington residence, while one, a single page, was found in an adjacent room. Nothing was discovered at the beach house, according to Sauber.

These documents appear shortly after the authorities discovered a first batch at the Penn Biden Center think tank last November, whose find was released this week.

Sauber reiterated that they are cooperating “fully” with the National Archives and the Department of Justice in the process to ensure that documents from the Obama and Biden Administration end up in the possession of the first institution.

For now, It is not known what reason these searchesthe content of the documents and who decided to send them to those places.

This Wednesday, the White House spokeswoman, Karine Jean-Pierre, refused to answer questions from journalists about why the government had not informed before the discovery of the documents, which occurred a few days before the mid-term elections in November. The spokeswoman limited herself to saying that the matter is being investigated by the Department of Justice.

The White House already assured on Monday that it is collaborating with the investigation, and Biden himself He acknowledged on Tuesday that he does not know what documents are involved or what they were doing in that office. Although it bears few similarities, the case is reminiscent of the one that led the FBI to search the residence of former President Donald Trump (2017-2021) in Mar-a-Lago (Florida) last August.

Unlike what has happened with the Biden documents, which were handed over to the authorities by the president’s own team, in Mar-a-Lago the intervention of the Department of Justice was necessary to recover the papers.

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