The wave of communist violence unleashed in Peru leaves seven dead and at least 160 injured

Radical supporters of Peru’s former coup president Pedro Castillo have unleashed violence in southern Peru with protests against President Dina Boluarte and against Congress. The demonstrations have resulted in seven deaths and 119 police officers injured, in addition to the attack on two television channels in Lima.

Of the total deaths, six have taken place in the Department of Apurímac, while another has occurred in Arequipa, as reported by the regional health directorates of both regions in statements collected by the RPP radio station. Among the dead are two minors, ages 15 and 16. In addition, 28 civilians and 119 police officers have been injured throughout the country.

In some areas, protesters stormed 14 police stations and attacked officers with fireworks and explosives known as “cheese”, a homemade explosive containing dynamite and pellets, according to police sources in a statement detailing that two agents are with a “reserved prognosis” and three with multiple injuries.

In the rest of the country, the unleashed wave of violence has led to the admission of an agent to the hospital, seriously injured by the blows; another remains on mechanical ventilation and another six have been kidnapped for several hours, according to RPP.

Shining Path Infiltrators

The head of the Special Intelligence Group of Peru assures that behind the protests there is also “(the terrorist group) Shining Path, Movadef (Movement for Amnesty and Fundamental Rights) and other organizations generated by Marxism-Leninism” and fed by Free Peru.

“The Movadef (considered the political arm of Sendero Luminoso) is active in these marches,” Arriola stressed, after mentioning that the Police have detected that ex-convicts for terrorism and members of Movadef “are infiltrating” the mobilizations.

The clashes between the Police and the demonstrators continue to take place despite the fact that the president of the Andean country, Dina Boluarte, declared a state of emergency last Sunday in three regions of the country: Ica, Arequipa and Apurímac.

“I announce the declaration of a state of emergency in areas of high social conflict. I have given instructions for the peaceful recovery of control of internal order, without affecting the fundamental rights of citizens,” said the newly appointed president of Peru in a televised speech. This state of emergency will be maintained for 60 days.

attacks on the press

During the night of Monday, the protests also reached Lima where groups of radicals attacked the headquarters of the Public Ministry, as well as the premises of the América Televisión channel and Panamericana Televisión, as well as a vehicle belonging to the Exitosa radio station.

In the first case, the protesters attacked the headquarters of América Televisión and Canal N in the central Lima urbanization of Santa Beatriz with stones and blunt objects, damaging windows and part of the building’s infrastructure.

In another nearby point of the city, they attacked the headquarters of Panamericana Televisión, before which many workers of the medium ran to protect themselves.

The National Association of Journalists (ANP) condemned on its Twitter account the “attacks on the physical headquarters of Panamericana TV and América TV and Canal N, in addition to the vandalization of an Exitosa Noticias vehicle with physical aggression against its driver, Víctor Nolly “.

“The right to protest cannot support these acts of vandalism that distort it. We urge citizens to exercise their legitimate right peacefully. From the ANP we have already coordinated with the Prosecutor’s Office so that they initiate the corresponding actions in these cases,” they concluded.

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