The war between Israel and Hamas, an issue that divides American public opinion

The public opinion of USA is divided regarding the war between Israel and Hamasthe position of the government of Joe Biden about the conflict and who is responsible. But they also agree on some points, among them the increase in violence against religious minorities in the country, both against Jews and Muslims.

Two months after the start of the conflict in the Middle East, the Pew Research Center conducted a survey (between November 27 and December 3) to find out the opinion of Americans, indirectly involved in the financial and military support that the North American government dedicates to its historic ally located in the hottest area in the world. .

According to the New York Times, Israel dismissed a previous warning about the Hamas attack

Those responsible, according to the Americans

Although opinion is generally divided, there is a tendency in favor of Israel’s military campaign launched in the Gaza Strip and other occupied territories after the massacre perpetrated by the Hamas on October 7. So much so that he 65% of those consulted believes that the Palestinian group has the greatest responsibility for the asymmetric conflict, compared to the 35% who believe that the Israeli governmentin the hands of Benjamin Netanyahu and his ultra-Orthodox allies, are to blame.

Another aspect that was evaluated was the distinction between the responsibility of the government of Israel and Hamas for its citizens, especially considering the number of innocent civilians who have died since the beginning of hostilities. In that line, the 20% of respondents opined that he palestinian people has “a lot of responsibility“in the conflict, while the 13% blamed to the Israeli people.

Source: with data from Pew Research Center.

In all cases, the percentages vary depending on the age of the respondent and, mainly, their political preference, whether they belong to the party Democrat either Republican. Although everyone agrees that Hamas is most responsible (62% and 73%, respectively), the Figures vary regarding the responsibility of the Israeli government at the beginning of this new chapter of the unresolved conflict with Palestine. So much so that the voters democrats they have more than double chance than the Republicans in stating that the Israeli government “has a lot of responsibility”.

Israel’s military operation in the Gaza Strip is another point of contention. So much so that almost a third (32%) did not dare to answer. Of those who do, the 27% believe Israel is going “too far” on Gaza, while 25% believe it takes the “right approach,”

“About a quarter say Israel is going too far in its current military operation, while almost as many say it is taking the right approach; 16% say Israel is not going far enough militarily.” the report details, showing once again the division that prevails in North American society on a difficult issue.

Israel bombs southern and central Gaza Strip g_20231210
The war in the Middle East generates divisions in public opinion in the United States.

The image of Joe Biden

In another of the axes, respondents are asked their opinion on the role of the president Joe Biden in the conflict, whose image had been questioned by aid to Ukraine (according to another survey by the Pew Institute).

In the case of the war between Israel and Hamas, negative responses about the management of the Democratic president predominate, to such a level that the 41% disapprove (and within that margin, 21% do so “strongly”), compared to 35% who approve. Although most of the rejection was in the hands of Republican voters, the surprise is that only 44% of Democrats approve of the management of Barack Obama’s former number two and a third disapprove of it. Furthermore, the concentration of rejection predominates among young people.

Graphics 20231211
Source: with data from Pew Research Center.

Regarding Biden’s political positioning, who aligned himself with Israel from the first minute, the survey asked whether the president is wrong to support the Israelis and Palestinians. The result was that the twenty-one% assured that favors Israel too much and the 16% to the Palestinians, while 25% think that it remains in an “adequate balance.” The striking fact is that almost 40% say “not sure” about the subject.

The coincidence between Democrats and Republicans

Beyond political divisions, most Americans agree that the conflict in the Middle East could trigger violence against religious minorities in the United States, especially against Jews and to a lesser extent against Muslims.

The crude story of the relatives of Argentines kidnapped by Hamas: “We also suffer”

Meanwhile, 48% of those consulted said “extremely or very worried“for the possibility of a increase in violence against Jews in United States. Another 31% say they are somewhat concerned about this; only 19% have little or no concern. These numbers hold true among both Democratic (49%) and Republican (48%) voters.

The difference lies in the concern for Islamophobia and its consequences within the United States. Approximately the half of the democrats (53%) say they are extremely or very concerned about the possibility of increased violence against muslimscompared to 22% of Republicans.

Added to this is the growing concern regarding the escalation of the conflict or potential terrorist attacks on US territory.

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