The US Government sues the state of Arizona for an electoral law that requires proof of nationality

MADRID, July 6. (.) –

The United States Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against the state of Arizona in order to block a law that requires people to prove that they have US nationality in order to register to vote.

The law, which was ratified in March by the governor, Doug Ducey, will take effect in January, according to information from the CNN television network. The lawsuit, however, is based on the Supreme Court’s refusal to approve a similar measure promoted by Arizona in 2013.

Now, the Department of Justice warns that this law violates the regulations that govern the national registry to vote by requiring documented proof of nationality in the framework of federal elections.

“The state has passed a law that reverses progress and imposes illegal and unnecessary requirements that will prevent some voters from registering,” said Kristen Clarke, deputy attorney general for the Justice Department’s civil rights division.

Thus, he has asserted that the Department of Justice “will continue to use any tool at its disposal to protect the right of all Americans to vote and ensure that their voices are heard.”

Arizona is one of the key states where Republicans are seeking to change voting procedures, something that has alarmed activists and voting rights advocates. Democrats have warned that such laws can cast doubt on the legitimacy of election results and undermine voter confidence.

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