The US Government appeals the appointment of an expert to review the documents seized from Trump

The United States Department of Justice has expressed in writing its intention to appeal the decision of the federal judge, Aileen Cannon, to appoint an expert to review the documents seized by FBI agents during the search of Donald’s Florida home. Trump.

Cannon, after accepting last Monday the request of the former president of the United States, has ordered that the expert, still to be appointed, be in charge of supervising the seized assets, managing the assertions of privilege invoked in this regard, making recommendations and evaluating the claims of return of goods. Both Trump and the US Attorney’s Office are expected to present their lists of candidates for “special teacher” this Friday, as well as their proposals on the duties and limitations of the latter.

The Justice Department had previously called Trump’s request unnecessary because a team had already been tasked with distinguishing information that might be covered by attorney-client privilege. In addition, the Prosecutor’s Office called the decision to share “highly classified material with a special teacher” dangerous.

However, the magistrate has allowed the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to continue evaluating the possible risks to national security posed by the removal of government custody of highly confidential documents.

Shortly after learning of the South Florida magistrate’s decision, Trump declared that the judiciary and the FBI “are being pushed to do the wrong thing by many sinister outside sources.”

Based on the search carried out on August 8 of the former president’s house in Mar-a-Lago (Florida), the investigative police accuse Donald Trump of obstruction for allegedly taking confidential documents with him when leaving the White House. Much of the information contained in the papers is qualified as top secret and concerns issues related to national security.


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