The US extended the TPS for Venezuelans for 18 more months

Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security of the United States, indicated that the TPS will be valid for those who have lived in the country since before July 31, 2023.

The government of the United States (US) announced on the night of September 20 the extension and redesignation of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for 18 months for Venezuelan migrants in that country, according to the president of that nation, Joe Biden, who It will benefit 472,000 of our nationals.

This was announced by the Secretary of Homeland Security of the United States, Alejandro Mayorkas, who explained that there are “extraordinary situations and temporary conditions” in Venezuelan territory that prevent their return.

The TPS redesignation, which prevents the deportation of Venezuelans and gives them permission to work, is valid for those people who were on US soil before July 31, 2023.

“That is the situation in which Venezuelans who arrived here on July 31 of this year or before find themselves. That is why we are providing them with the protection provided by the law. However, it is critical that Venezuelans understand that those who arrived here after July 31, 2023 are not eligible for such protection and will instead be expelled when it is determined that they have no legal basis to stay,” he said. Mayorkas according to the portal of the US Secretary of Homeland Security.

Those who are going to apply for TPS must demonstrate that they are Venezuelans (or people without nationality whose last habitual residence was in Venezuela) who reside in the United States before the aforementioned date, while the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services will continue to process pending applications. filed under the previous TPS designation for Venezuela.

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The EFE agency recalls that in practice, by expanding TPS for Venezuela, Biden will allow Venezuelans who have been arriving irregularly to the United States in record numbers in the last two years to temporarily regularize their situation.

This change in the program comes at a time when politicians from Biden’s party, such as New York Mayor Eric Adams, have been pressuring the Administration to grant temporary work permits to the thousands of refugees and undocumented migrants. who are waiting for their cases to be resolved.

On July 19, a group of 25 Democratic senators, led by Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbinalong with the senator Bernie Sanderssent a letter to the President of the United States (USA), Joe Biden, asking him to redesignate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for immigrants from Nicaragua and Venezuela in the United States.

The objective was, according to the letter, to allow migrants from these two countries, who are on US soil but are not within the program, to be able to register in it in order to request an initial registration for the TPS so that they are not deported and have permission to work without any problem.

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