The US blames a radical Russian group for the letter bombs and the Spanish government remains silent

Anonymous US officials have pointed to a Russia-based white supremacist group as responsible for the letter bomb campaign that was carried out in late November and early December last year.

The letters reached the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchezto the Embassy of Ukraine in Spain –in which a worker was injured– and to the arms company installationlocated in Saragossa. It is one of the companies whose military equipment is sent to the Ukrainian forces to deal with the Russian troops.

The group in question is called Russian Imperial Movementaccording to these official charges to The New York Times. This organization has members and associated groups throughout Europe. In addition, it has military training centers in the Russian city of St. Petersburgaccording to US officials.

These same sources have considered the possibility that this group has links with Russian intelligence agencies, especially with the Central Intelligence Department (for its acronym in English, GRU), described by these charges as one of the most “aggressive” intelligence bureaus in Moscow. Something that worries American workers, since this organization is defined by the US State Department as a terrorist organization that operates globally.

Putin’s role, according to officials

In fact, they have pointed out that the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has given its military intelligence agency more flexibility to conduct covert operations in Europe. However, researchers have not been able to demonstrate a direct implication of Kremlin in the letter bomb campaign.

The intention is to sow fear of possible terrorist attacks, according to these sources

Officials have indicated that members of the Russian Imperial Movement have been in Spain while the Police have tracked his links with extreme right-wing organizations in our country. Public employees have explained that the intention is to sow the idea that Russia You can carry out terrorist attacks all over Europe, especially in the capitals of the countries that are helping Ukraine against the Russian invasion.

The cited media reports that, in recent years, the group has carried out “bold and lethal covert actions with impunity.” The Russian officers involved are part of the 161st Specialist Training Center Special Purposebased in Moscow.

Despite everything, the Sánchez government has not yet made a statement and the Spanish Embassy in Washington has remained silent after refusing to speak about this investigation into the The New York Times. For his part, Fiona Hill, senior director for Europe and Russia at the White House National Security Council in the Trump administration, has stated that most of these types of organizations “are linked to Russian intelligence.” She has explained that these groups act as a “front” for these services.

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