The United States rules out that Moscow has used hypersonic missiles on the Ukrainian city of Odessa

Smoke over a shopping center hit by missiles in Odessa – -/Ukrinform/dpa

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The United States has ruled out, for the time being, the use by the Russian Armed Forces of hypersonic missiles in the Ukrainian city of Odessa, on the shores of the Black Sea, which in recent days has suffered constant attacks by the Russian side.

“There is no indication that we have seen hypersonics used in Odessa. Certainly nothing that we can confirm. We have seen them use hypersonics in the past to hit buildings, but there is nothing to indicate that they were used in Odessa,” he explained. press conference with a senior US defense official.

Likewise, he has described that Odessa “is solidly under Ukrainian control” and that there have been long-range attacks on this city, but “without a clear indication” of their objectives or what impact they may produce.

“It may be that these air strikes are part of this effort to economically limit Odesa’s capacity. But, frankly, from a maritime environment, they have already done it,” he added at a press conference.

The senior US defense official has ruled out that there are land or sea threats to the city and has indicated that since the sinking of the ‘Moskva’, the flagship of the Russian Navy, “they have not brought their ships closer” to the area.

“If you draw a line between Liman and Slovyansk, that is where much of the energy (the Russian troops) has been applied in the last 24 hours,” he explained of Russian advances in the area, adding that “there is still no They have control of Liman.”

In addition, the senior defense official has specified that, from the United States, “they have not seen anything that validates” that the frigate ‘Admiral Makarov’ has been attacked by Ukrainian missiles of the ‘Neptune’ type off the coast of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces assured in their last count that the Russians had lost this ship, while from Moscow, the Kremlin spokesman, Dimitri Peskov, avoided commenting on this information about this possible attack.

Finally, the senior defense official has agreed with the opinions expressed by the director of National Intelligence of the United States, Avril Haines, who believes that Moscow is likely to aspire to connect the Ukrainian region of Donbas with Transnistria, in eastern Moldova.

“We don’t know if he just wants to control Donbas today and declare victory, or if he wants to use control of Donbas to organize more attacks further west. We don’t know if he has given up on kyiv in particular,” he said.

For his part, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said at a press conference that “Russian troops have migrated, in Mariupol, almost all precision-guided munitions to a significant number of dumb bombs.”

“As much as Putin loves to talk about the West against Russia and NATO against Russia, the United States against Russia, it is about Russia against the people of Ukraine,” he said, adding that it is “exactly the narrative” that the Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to keep.

“None of that is true, and you can hear those tropes throughout his speech. It’s not about Nazism. There are no Nazis in Ukraine. It’s not about the West, it’s not about America. It’s about a justification completely put forth by Putin about Ukraine putting its own national values ​​at risk,” he said.

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