The United States intensifies its presence in the Pacific to counter China’s influence

MADRID, July 13 (.) –

The United States announced on Tuesday a new strategy to prioritize foreign relations with Pacific states in an effort to counter China’s influence in the region.

In a statement, the White House has detailed that the Biden Administration intends to strengthen its association with the Pacific islands, since the history of these and the United States “are inextricably linked.”

In this way, the United States intends to counteract China’s influence in the region, since the Asian country would have recently reached a security agreement with the Solomon Islands, as well as with other countries in the region, ‘The Washington Post’ has reported. .

“We recognize that, in recent years, the Pacific Islands may not have received the diplomatic attention and support that they deserve. So today I am here to tell you directly that we are going to change that,” said the US Vice President, Kamala Harris at the Pacific Islands Forum.

The vice president of the United States has explained that the intention of the North American country is to obtain a greater American presence in the region, beginning with the opening of new embassies: one in Tonga and another in Kiribati.

In addition, Harris has announced that the Biden Administration
he will appoint the first US envoy to the Pacific Islands Forum, and will re-send the country’s Peace Corps volunteers, according to the White House brief.

“Today, I am also pleased to announce that we plan to triple US funding for economic development and ocean resilience for the Pacific Islands. We will ask the US Congress for an increase from €21 million per year to €60 million per year. for the next 10 years”, explained Biden’s number two.

“We will engage in a transparent and constructive manner, which means we will listen, collaborate and coordinate every step of the way. We will also work to empower a strong and united Pacific Islands Forum, which will strengthen its voice on the world stage as that we continue to work together,” he added.


On the other hand, Harris has referred to the climate crisis as one of the priorities of the new association between the United States and the Pacific Islands Forum, alleging that the States that make it up “are in the front line” of the consequences of the global warming.

“The evidence, of course, is that sea levels are rising. The coral reefs that protect your islands and encourage fishing are bleaching. And the warming of the oceans is accelerating,” the vice president of the United States detailed. .

“That’s why, as we work with the world to reduce emissions, we will continue to partner with you to build resilience, support adaptation, mobilize climate finance, and ensure the sustainability of fisheries and marine resources,” added Harris, announcing a plan for the fight against illegal fishing.

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