The United Kingdom assures that a quarter of the Russian battalions participating in the war are “inoperative”


The British authorities have assured this Monday that a quarter of the Russian battalions deployed in the country as a result of the invasion of Ukraine are “inoperative”.

This has been indicated by the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom, which has indicated that Russia sent some 120 tactical battalions, 65 percent of its “total combat force on the ground”, at the beginning of the invasion.

“Everything indicates that more than a quarter of these units are no longer available,” the ministry said in a statement, noting that “some of the Russian Army’s elite units have suffered high levels of destruction.”

“Russia could take years to rebuild its Armed Forces,” he warned. The British Government has thus emphasized its support for Ukraine and has expressed its commitment to continue providing military, humanitarian and economic aid, while imposing sanctions against Russia and Belarus.

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