The unblocking of the family law recovers the Government’s social agenda after being paralyzed by ‘Pegasus’

The family law it seems to have overcome the blockade that it has suffered for months and already has a specific horizon for its approval in the Council of Ministers: the month of September. The Minister of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, Ione Belarra, has reached an agreement with the socialist part of the Government to promote this regulation within four months, after its approval has been delayed on several occasions.

This same Thursday, Belarra, accompanied by the Minister of Equality, Irene Monteroand organizations in defense of equality and the rights of women and the LGTBI collective, has announced that the law will be approved in September within the framework of an event organized on the occasion of the International Day of Families.

East agreement between the PSOE and United We Can not only puts an end to the blockade that the norm has suffered for months, but also recovers a social agenda of the Executive that has been completely overshadowed in recent weeks by the Pegasus espionage scandal.

For several days, some voices from the confederal space have warned that this controversy is making it extremely difficult for deepening in the social agenda of a government that has been “on the defensive” since espionage became known.

That there is already a date to take the family law to the Council of Ministers does not mean that its text is closed. In fact, there are still two fundamental questions that, today, separate the PSOE and United We Can and hinder the agreement.

It is the so-called parenting income for mothers who do not have a job and the expansion of maternity and paternity leavetwo economic measures that require the approval of the Ministry of Finance.

Parenting income and maternity and paternity leave

To date, the department headed by Maria Jesus Montero it has not opened a negotiation on these two issues; For United We Can, the fact that the month of September has been set as the date to approve the rule will force the Treasury to address this issue (in negotiations that will presumably be led, on behalf of the UP, by the Secretary of State for Social Rights, Nacho Alvarez).

This norm is not only essential for United We Can because it represents one of its main legislative commitments, but it also has a second political reading: it is an opportunity, they affirm from the confederal space, to to dispute to the right and to the extreme right a conceptthat of family, which has always been essential for conservatives, who consider it as the fundamental and backbone element of society.

If the law goes ahead, the Government would also focus its legislative activity on family policies, which, in the opinion of United We Can, would directly challenge a progressive electorate that, according to the surveys, would be in decline and somewhat ‘deactivated’.

The confederal space has transferred on several occasions to the majority partner of the Executive, the PSOE, the need to carry out brave and openly progressive policies as a way of combating the rise of the extreme right.

Other laws, such as the Housing Law, also suffered significant delays, despite having a specific term agreed between the two parties that make up the Government. We will have to wait to see if the family law sees the light in September or if it becomes a new source of dispute between the UP and the socialists.


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