The Ukrainian opposition rejects the US sanctions and describes them as “political terrorism”

MADRID, Jan. 21 (.) –

The Ukrainian Opposition Platform-For Life party has condemned this Friday the sanctions imposed by the US government against four Ukrainians whom it has accused of working for Russia and has described as “political terrorism”.

In a statement, the formation has indicated that it is a “criminal and partial case against party representatives whose objective is to obstruct their parliamentary work.” “It constitutes an act of international political terrorism that follows the orders of the Ukrainian government,” they have warned.

Opposition deputies have thus pointed out that the United States and the president of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, are “attacking the opposition” instead of “fighting the oligarchs and corrupt officials” in the midst of increasing tension with Russia.

“There is no doubt that the introduction of these sanctions is the result of close communication and agreements reached by Zelensky and high-ranking US officials, especially Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and some senators,” the text reads.

For training, this is an act that “undermines Ukrainian sovereignty.” “Precisely because our struggle is for independence and the confrontation with the idea that the party is governed from abroad, these sanctions are directed at us,” they explained.

On Thursday, the United States Department of the Treasury detailed that the sanctions seek to “undermine and expose Russia’s ongoing destabilization effort in Ukraine” and clarified that they are not related to the measures that the North American country and its allies are preparing to inflict ” severe costs” to Moscow in the face of a possible invasion of its neighboring country.

The US Treasury explained then that the four sanctioned — Taras Kozak, Oleh Voloshin, Volodimir Oliynik and Vladimir Svkovich — have played different roles in the framework of “Russia’s global influence to destabilize sovereign countries and support the political objectives of the Kremlin” .

Dozak and Voloshin are members of the Ukrainian Parliament and belong to the party led by the pro-Russian Viktor Medvedchuk, who is also subject to US sanctions for the same matter.

For his part, Oliynik was a Ukrainian official who left the country to seek refuge in Russia and worked under the orders of the Russian Federal Security Service to gather information, while Sivkovich was deputy secretary of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council.

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