The Ukrainian Armed Forces put the number of Russian soldiers killed in combat at “about 23,800”


The Armed Forces of Ukraine have estimated this Monday at “about 23,800” the total number of Russian soldiers killed in combat since the beginning of the invasion on February 24, a figure much higher than that recognized by Russia.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Army has indicated in a message on its account on the social network Facebook that during the hostilities 1,048 Russian battle tanks, 459 artillery systems and 152 self-propelled and armored multiple rocket launchers have been destroyed.

Likewise, it has highlighted that 80 anti-aircraft defense systems, 194 aircraft, 155 helicopters, 1,824 vehicles, eight boats, 271 drones and 84 cruise missiles have also been destroyed.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have stressed that “the Russian enemy continues to carry out full-scale armed aggression against Ukraine and offensive operations in the Eastern Operational Zone”, before adding that “the threat of missile attacks against military infrastructure and by the Russian enemy from the territory of Belarus”.

In this sense, they have stressed that “the Russian enemy continues to attack the city of Kharkov and the settlements of Uda and Prudianka with artillery”, while “continuing” its “offensive operations” towards the town of Izium.

“In the direction of Severodonetsk, the Russian enemy has focused its main efforts on gaining control of Rubizhne and preparing the attack on Severodonetsk,” they said, adding that Russian troops have “reinforced” their positions around Popasna.

On the other hand, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army has highlighted that in the southern part of the country “the occupiers are trying to reach the administrative border of the Kherson region, looking for weaknesses in the Ukrainian defense”, while “in the Mikolaiv area , the Russian aggressor has carried out aerial reconnaissance tasks with three drones” and has carried out artillery strikes.

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