The TSJM endorses Ayuso despite the fact that 76% of the dead in the residences of Alcorcón and Leganés were not hospitalized

The memory will not go out. Neither does the search for justice. This is what they promise from the platform created to ask that investigate what happened in the residences of the Community of Madrid during the pandemic. The ruling of the Superior Court of Justice (TSJM) that has endorsed the management of the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso in the centers for the elderly in Alcorcón and Leganés it will not make them lower their arms, they say.

“We are disappointed. This makes no sense or logic. From now on I tell you that we are not going to stay like this,” says María Mercedes Aguilera, a member of the Truth and Justice Platform for Residences, on the other end of the phone.

His reflections come shortly after the Administrative Litigation Chamber of the TSJM, in a divided ruling, dismissed the appeals filed by the municipalities of Leganés and Alcorcón, which denounced that the Government of Ayuso did not medicalize residences in April 2020 despite the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

That decision, which the Court has validated under the argument that the indications of Health were only recommendations, had an impact that was felt in the death figures registered between March and April 2020.

According to a report prepared by the epidemiologist Victoria Zunzunegui based on data from the Transparency Portal and the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Community of Madrid, 76% of the deaths registered in those two months occurred in residenceswithout hospital care.

The four residences in Alcorcón –three concerted and one public– totaled 692 places at that time. Between March and April of that year, 163 users died, of which 128 died in those centers, who were not medicalized.

In the case of Leganés – which had eight residences and 1,300 beds – 271 deaths were recorded in those first two months of the pandemic. According to the data in this report, 203 of them did not have hospitalization.

hospital exclusion

In a statement released this Thursday, the Truth and Justice Platform for Nursing Homes pointed out that the TSJM order, which had the dissenting vote of two magistrates, “continues in line with the action that, until now, has had Justice before the death of 7,291 people in the residences of the Community of Madrid”.

Not in vain, he remarks that it is “a totally high number compared to other autonomous communities, caused by the lack of proper medical care for the elderly with the only criteria for hospital exclusion being residing in a residence or not having private health insurance”.

The platform has also recalled that there are currently “17 Madrid city councils that formally request that an investigation be carried out into what happened in the first waves of the covid, either in the Investigation Commission of the Madrid Assembly, which was hastily closed due to the call for elections of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, or in the courts.

“total impunity”

“The TSJM instead of investigating such unfortunate events and purging responsibilities before something so bloody and painfulwhat it does is close it,” laments Javier Cordón, a member of the aforementioned platform. In this sense, he claimed the need to find ways to prevent these events “from going unpunished.”

“It seems that the deaths of our elders do not matter,” adds Mercedes Aguilera, who agrees in warning about the “total impunity” that has surrounded this matter. She, in any case, does not lose hope. “Each stick they put in the wheel makes us stronger,” she says.


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