The TPI will investigate the death of the Spanish aid worker in Ukraine as a war crime

José Manuel Albares, Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, announced this Friday that the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Karim Khanhas confirmed that he is going to investigate how war crime the death of the Spanish aid worker Emma Igual in eastern Ukraine on September 10 and that he himself is going to take charge of the case.

This was conveyed by Khan to Albares personally in the meeting that both held this past Wednesday on the margins of the UN General Assembly, after Albares sent him a letter last week requesting that Igual’s death in an alleged Russian attack against the vehicle in which he was traveling was investigated as a war crime.

As Albares explained in an interview in La Sexta, He had personally committed himself to Same as It’s mother. when he informed him of the death of the aid worker and also told him that the Government would do everything in its power, “no matter how long it takes,” so that “those who are responsible for the launch of that rocket that caused her death are brought to justice.” before international justice”.

Khan promised to promptly convey to Albares any “news” about the case. and told him that “he will personally conduct this investigation so that sooner rather than later those responsible will be brought before international justice and pay for it.”

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