The technological solution for people with spasticity, among the finalist projects for the James Dyson Awards 2023

MADRID, Oct. 24 (Portaltic/EP) –

AVA, The Spanish project that brings together different personal hygiene tools adaptable for people with spasticity, is among the finalist projects in the international phase of the James Dyson Awards 2023.

This part of the process, which brings together the 20 best inventions of the year, will end on November 15, when the international winners are announced, who will receive 34,000 euros to continue with the next stages of their inventions.

In this edition, a Spanish project continues in the fight to win the international award. It is the case of AVAwhich brings together a set of tools adapted for dental hygiene, shaving and hair brushing for people with spasticity.

It is a common clinical sign in people with neurological diseases, which manifests itself through different degrees of muscle rigidity, a problem on whose solution the inventor Javier Pascual Paredes has worked.

Other notable projects in this final phase is the one proposed by inventor E Ian Siew, who was inspired by his personal experience when recovering from open heart surgery to create a better solution.

So, this researcher collaborated with experts from the National University Hospital of Singapore to create a vest-like device that improves postoperative fusion of the sternum bone after surgery.

The Australian proposal comes from Alexander Burton, who with REVR aims to reduce the carbon footprint of the transport sector, responsible for 20 percent of global emissions. Thus, he has invented a retrofit kit that converts internal combustion engines from vehicles in electric hybrids.

Filipino Jeremy De Leon has created a keychain called Make-roscope that turns a smartphone or tablet into a microscope, which more than 3,000 students and teachers in his native country have already used, according to a press release.

Other projects that are part of the 20 finalists, candidates to receive the award James Dyson Awards 2023, are Gutsy (United States), a prosthetic medical port that offers a resting ostomy bags; Oasis (Ireland), a portable device focused on reducing visual distractions for people with ADHD; either Boreas (Poland), a team that automates and gamifies pulmonary rehabilitation in hospitals.

The James Dyson Awards aim to design a solution that solves a problem, which must be effective and demonstrate thoughtful design thinking. As usual, it will be your own Sir James Dyson, founder of the brand, who examines these 20 finalist projects and selects the international winners.

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