The Taliban now say that the closure of schools for girls is due to a curricular problem

The Deputy Minister of Education proposes a fundamentalist program with subjects such as “family life, child care or marital behavior”

MADRID, Aug. 7 (.) –

The Taliban Ministry of Education has indicated this Sunday that the prohibition order issued by the fundamentalist authorities against the attendance of girls in the country’s secondary schools was due to problems in organizing study topics.

The ban on girls attending classes from the sixth grade onwards raised eyebrows in the international community, which described this decision as an example of the Taliban regime’s unwillingness to introduce open policies after its conquest of the country almost a year ago. year.

Now, the Deputy Minister of Education, Said Ahmad Shahidjail, has assured that “by the light of the Koran, schools are going to open” and has asked for “time” to change a school program that, from now on, will be in accordance with the ultra-conservative doctrine of the movement, with the introduction of, described, subjects such as “family life, child care or marital behavior”, collects Tolo News.

All of this, summed up Deputy Minister Shahijail, so that schools are once again open for girls “free from external pressure and within the framework of Islamic Sharia.”

The Afghan Interior Minister and leader of the Red Haqqani terrorist group, Sirajudin Haqqani, had already stressed in May that “no one” in Afghanistan is opposed to girls and women receiving an education, before stressing that “very soon” there would be an announcement about the reopening of classes, closed from August 2021.

Likewise, he defended the need for this education to be imparted in line with the “values” and “way of thinking” in Afghanistan, in the midst of international criticism against the authorities for the prolonged closure of these classes and the growing discrimination against faced by women and girls in the country.

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