The taking of hostages in the German city of Dresden ends with the death of the author

The german police confirmed this saturday death during his arrest of the man who this morning had taken two people hostage in a drugstore in a shopping center in the city of Dresdenin the east of the country.

“The 40-year-old man was fatally injured as part of his arrest and the release of the hostages,” the police said in a statement, adding that the specific circumstances are now under investigation.

according to the newspaper BildThe suspect, a forty-year-old armed man of German nationality, killed his 62-year-old mother this morning. Later, he tried to break into the station Radio Dresdenbut despite firing at the fire door at the main entrance, he was unable to gain access.

The suspect, David W., died of his injuries shortly after a special police group managed to control him and the police, according to the newspaper, referred to a possible mental disturbance of the suspect.

“The Dresden Police is conducting a operating in the city center of Dresden. The background is the suspicion of a hostage taking. In this context, the Altmarktgalerie (shopping center) and the adjacent areas are being evacuated. Access is currently not possible,” they said in a first statement.

A police spokesman said the two hostages appear to be doing well. “The hostage-taking has ended, the operation hasn’t yet,” he added, adding that the area is still not accessible due to investigation work.

He specifies that, in addition to the Altmarktgalerie, also the Striezelmarkt, the Christmas market, will remain closed. “The Police ask to avoid the center of the city. The police measures continue. At the moment there is no more information available,” he adds.

“Fortunately, all the staff were able to get to safety,” the head of Radio Dresden told the publication, Tino Utassywho alerted the police.

When the agents arrived, the suspect fled in his vehicle and barricaded himself in a drugstore in the Altmarktgalerie shopping center, where he allegedly he took a wife and a minor as hostages.

according to the chain NTVwho spoke of a “confusing situation”, the man, a German national, killed his 62-year-old mother in the morning in a neighborhood about seven kilometers from the city center, the publication indicates.

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