The Table of Congress withdraws the definition of “fascist” from the daily session after the macho attacks by Vox


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The first vice president of the Congress table, the socialist Alfonso Rodríguez de Celis, has withdrawn from the session journal the appeals to Vox as a “fascist” formation. Specifically, he has removed the term “fascist” from the parliamentary act after Vox charged the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, uttering sexist insults.

The member of the Government responded emphatically and requested that the “political violence” poured out by the extreme right be kept in the session diary, specifically by the deputy Carla Toscano, who has tried to attack Montero by appealing to his personal life. While, Rodriguez de Celis He has opted for a balancing exercise by removing the words “fascist” and “philoterrorists”, as he has pointed out on his Twitter account.

Rodríguez de Celis has recovered the plea expressed by the president of Congress, Meritxell Batet, this Wednesday. “I am going to continue insisting that if we want to be an example and be exemplary before society, we must also be so before ourselves because it is impossible to demand respect from others if we do not exercise it here”, he said, justifying the withdrawal of those mentioned terms.

The constant attacks by Vox have clouded the activity carried out in the Cortes. Since they arrived at the institutions, their speeches have been based on deploying high doses of hate and disqualificationssomething that seems to have intensified in recent weeks in the midst of some polls that show his electoral fall and his lesser appearance on the media agenda.

This occurs under the passive gaze of the table of the Congress of Deputies. During the session this Wednesday, when Toscano uttered the insults, Rodriguez de Celis He limited himself to begging the far-right representative to withdraw his statements about the minister’s personal life and called him to order for the first time. Toscano continued with his speech and promoting hoaxes related to the law of only yes is yes.

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