The symmetry between Russian and Western war propaganda

There are those who say that people in this part of the world must be prevented from hearing what Russian war propaganda is by all means, that hearing such speech is dangerous and that it is much better that we are subjected only to Western war propaganda. . We, on the contrary, think that listening to what is said in the media on both sides of the front is useful, not to stay with one of the two propaganda, but to get the most complete map possible of what is happening. So let’s listen once again today to some of the things that have been said in recent weeks on Russian television.

let’s start with Vichislav Nikonova Duma deputy for United Russia, Putin’s party, on the Russian TV center channel. Nikonov says that everything is going great for Russia:

“I think that from the point of view of global security, regarding the change in the global balance of power, last year was especially beneficial for Russia and for all powers that see their meaning of life in a way of life free and sovereign that does not under the boot of the US and that does not allow the US to wipe its feet on them. I see the result of what has happened in a very optimistic and positive way. The special military operation will undoubtedly be carried out until the end. The goals of denazifying and demilitarizing together with the goal of restoring the true orthodoxy, the true faith.”

It is interesting that in a certain way Russian propaganda (which as we are going to see is, in some aspects, quite symmetrical to Western propaganda), also uses its own geopolitical concept of the “free world”, but opposite to the one used here: the free world, in this case, as the non-aligned countries or adversaries of the United States.

We keep listening to Nikonov, who falls squarely precisely in that framework. This is a fight “between good and evil”:

“On a large scale this is an eschatological conflict. This is not a conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which is totally artificial. We are one people. This is a conflict between good and evil, between light and dark. Soon the “The Americans will have a satanic Congress, the largest in human history. In my opinion, the US and NATO are the classic Fourth Reich. How should we deal with them? We shouldn’t, at all.”

The same thing that those who are in that same mental frame of the clash of civilizations say here. Like that famous article by Pedro Vallin, not? what she was talking about “Mordor vs. Middle Earth”. Oh, the parallels with “the Cyrillic”…

And we go with another symmetry. In Western propaganda, whenever there is a Ukrainian military advance (such as the recapture of Kherson, for example), there is speculation about what Russia’s military response might be, which is characterized as a wounded animal that is cornered and therefore more dangerous. Let’s listen to Nikonov:

“The danger posed by the US is growing, it is a wounded animal and a wounded animal is already known to be quite aggressive. What can we expect from the US? Absolutely anything. In order to maintain close relations with their allies they need adversaries on all sides. They will maintain tensions around Taiwan. Yes, it is dangerous. This is not only understood by Moscow. This is why the majority of Humanity is trying to unite, to resist these American deceptions.”

We are now going to listen to another voice on Russian television: the analyst Henry Sardaryan in the program of an old acquaintance of Base, Vladimir Solovyevon the state channel Russia 1:

“Regarding the problems with the shipment of weapons, the meaning of the West’s support for Ukraine is to prolong the conflict without end, to drain Russia of resources to the maximum and exert internal political pressure on our country. It is very obvious who they are using to do this, they don’t even hide it. They say “we are not going to use our tanks or anything else to overthrow the current Russian government”, they say “we are going to do it with the hands of local people”. By “local people” they’re about the people they’ve been supporting financially and in other ways. So they have internal resources here. I’m not going to say if they’re effective or proactive, but they exist. Do we have these kinds of resources on their side? In 2023 there are going to be elections in 12 European countries, which are national elections, and there may be even more, if some elections are brought forward. Do we have a clear concept and understanding of who we are interested in, who we are going to support? will represent our i interests? All those tales that it would be considered interference in their internal affairs…we absolutely could spit on them. If we have our own interests, which require us to influence the internal politics of other countries, then we absolutely have to do it, whatever the cost.”

Attention to this, because it is very interesting. This guy is saying that just as the United States and NATO would be trying to influence Russian domestic politics to eventually destabilize that country and bring down the Putin government, Russia should do the same in Europe. And he wonders which political sectors within Europe can be potential allies of Russia in that strategy.

Today’s last cut, which expresses the levels of moral filth that can be reached in communication linked to war. Attention to this Russian presenter, Evgenia Petruginaseems to be mocking the hardship many people in Ukraine have to go through as a result of the destruction caused by the invasion:

“The life of a Ukrainian now is like this: charging the phone in shops, dinner by candlelight. It almost seems romantic, but it takes almost an hour to heat up food. The man is forced to shave next to the ATM. In bars jokes are made: “here we are, although the appointment is in half an hour. Another example: you can lose your hair if you dry it with the gas cooker. And this in the best of cases”.

Amazing. She has failed to say: “fuck off, losers!”.

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