The Supreme Court of Brazil orders the Army to dismantle all “Bolsonarista camps” within 24 hours

File image of the assault on Congress, the presidential palace and the Supreme Court in Brazil. – Matheus Alves./dpa

Follow live the news about the assault on Brazilian institutions by the Bolsonaristas

MADRID, 9 Jan. (.) –

The Supreme Court of Brazil has ordered this Monday the Army of the country to dismantle all the “Bolsonarista camps” that exist in the national territory within a period of 24 hours after this Sunday hundreds of followers of former President Jair Bolsonaro stormed the headquarters of Congress and the Supreme, in addition to the presidential palace.

The magistrate Alexandre de Moraes has thus stressed the importance of these camps -located in territory outside the Army- be completely dismantled as the Police arrest “all those protesters who are still in the streets” after a day that ended So far, it has resulted in at least 300 detainees.

In a new judicial order, Moraes has expressed that “nothing justifies the existence of terrorist camps, financed with the complacency of civil and military authorities in a totally subversive manner and without any respect for the Constitution.”

Moraes has also warned that the commanders and senior officials of the Armed Forces, the Police and the Ministry of Defense will be brought to justice if these camps continue to exist.

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In addition, he has pointed out that the country’s main highways, partially occupied by the mob of followers, must be unblocked throughout the day, according to information from the G1 television network.

The assault on the aforementioned Brazilian institutions occurred after months of camping by Bolsonaro supporters in the capital, Basilia, after the former president lost the presidential elections in October against Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

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