The Supreme Court gives the Police 15 days to report on the case against Bolsonaro for leaking secrets

The judge of the Supreme Court of Brazil, Alexandre de Moraeshas given the Federal Police a period of 15 days to prepare a report on the material obtained after the lifting of the telematic secrecy in an investigation into the alleged disclosure of confidential data by the president, Jair Bolsonaro.

De Moraes maintains that the Federal Police has evidence of a crime in an intervention by Bolsonaro in which he stated that the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) had been the target of a computer attack in the 2018 presidential elections.

According to the judge, Bolsonaro would have incurred in a crime of revealing secrets by having violated the confidentiality of messagesso the evidence that the Police can collect is essential for the analysis of the Attorney General’s Office, reports the news portal G1.

The report must be “thorough” and include “all the material collected from (…) the breach of telematic secrecy, preserving the confidentiality of the information“, says the magistrate of the Supreme.

Despite the fact that said attack did not pose, according to the TSE, any risk to the proper functioning of the 2018 presidential elections, Bolsonaro used said investigation to question the electronic ballot boxes, as part of the particular crusade that he has been carrying out for a few months out to question the credibility of the upcoming elections.

Bolsonaro was not charged by the Police since he has a special status and therefore it is now up to the Attorney General’s Office to initiate or not legal action against the president, as well as against deputy Filipe Barros, who was also present when that information was revealed.

However, the Prosecutor’s Office has always opted to file the case. According to the attorney general, Augusto Aras, although Bolsonaro may have disseminated information about this investigation “in a distorted manner”, this “in no way affects the conclusions of the conduct under investigation.”


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