The success of Soria Ya raises the expectations of the platforms of the emptied Andalusia

Success always drags. The 42% of votes that Soria Ya has obtained in the autonomous communities of Castilla y León has triggered the expectations of the platforms that, also in Andalusia, have been created in the heat of depopulation and the problems of the interior zone of the community. The discomfort that exists in Eastern Andalusia towards, above all, Sevillewhere the Junta de Andalucía is located, is another factor on the table.

Although no survey has yet detected the presence of provincial parties in the next Parliament, no one can rule out that they do so due to the deep malaise that exists in various areas of Andalusia, where, as in Soria, there has been a feeling of abandonment since long time ago. Also because of the drag effect between some elections and others.

In Jaén, in Huelva, in Granada, in Almería… Local entrepreneurs, merchants, neighborhood associations, families concerned about emigration and the lack of opportunities for their offspring have been forming platforms for some time, which are now studying their chances of presenting themselves to the next regional elections. At least in Jaén, Huelva and Granada there will be candidates and, although they have not yet taken the step, there are movements, some with more rennet, others with less, in all the provinces.

In Andalusia, although the Community is gaining population, there have been serious problems linked to depopulation for years, which have been well identified for at least five years. “The vegetative balance data in Andalusia, together with the fact that no municipality has disappeared and the strong development of agriculture in some areas of the community, have contributed to Andalusia being excluded from the debate on depopulation problems in Spain, conveying the false idea that this problem does not exist in our autonomous community. The reality is that more than half of the Andalusian territory has been suffering from this problem for years, and it is already beginning to be very serious in some areas,” says the Andalusian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces in a report from the end of 2018.

This study adds: “The problems of depopulation affect half of the Andalusian municipalities, affect half of the territory of Andalusia, and are aggravated in rural municipalities with a population of less than 5,000 inhabitants, affecting two out of every three of these municipalities “. The FAMP adds: “In Andalusia, the two types of demographic challenges occur simultaneously, in well-defined territories. Guadalquivir valley and the coast the population grows facing the challenge of managing the concentration of inhabitants and the intensive demand for services, while the rest of the territory presents problems of depopulation and faces the challenge of managing the dispersion of the population and the difficulty in accessing services or infrastructures “.

The Soria result has already caused a tremendous impact. “What we want is to put this situation on the map. The demographic challenge has entered the agenda, we are looking for territorial balance and socioeconomic convergence. It is about investments, infrastructures and services, about forgetting all these kinds of things”, affirms to Public Juanma Camacho, of Jaen Deserves More (co-founder of España Vaciada) who has already decided to go to the elections, to the next autonomic ones. In Jaén, there is also Raise Jaen. The platforms have ideological discrepancies as well. They are not compact and cohesive.

Also for Huelva, in the western end of Andalusia, is preparing to make the electoral leap. “Congratulations to Soria Ya, UPL and Por Ávila for their results in the regional elections in Castilla León. They have shown us that the only way is to have our own voice, which is not to throw away the vote as some say. Onubenses, we are waiting for you in the Andalusians”, the platform wrote on its social networks.

Engineer Joaquín de la Torre is its visible face. “There are no longer excuses for not supporting the only party in the province of Huelva. The provincial parties are consolidated after the failure of bipartisanship, and even more so from the extremes. We do not count for them,” he wrote on his Twitter account. .

The problem of depopulation is palpable in Huelva: the Diputación created a few months ago the figure of the Commissioner for the demographic challenge. “35% of the municipalities of Huelva are at risk of depopulation and 20% at severe risk,” says the document in which the provincial body summarizes the problem. “55% of the municipalities in the province of Huelva (44 municipalities) have lost population since the year 2000”, it is added. All of them have less than 5,000 inhabitants (except for one municipality that barely exceeds 5,000 inhabitants: it is Nerva, with 5,169 inhabitants).

Unrest in Eastern Andalusia

The PSOE is the most deeply rooted party in Andalusia in rural areas and, according to its Secretary of Organization, Noel López, at a press conference, they are not “concerned” about the result of Castilla y León. “We are going to work with all the administrations to alleviate these deficiencies, either with the Junta de Andalucía or demanding from the central government. We believe that equality must reside” anywhere, whether in the “rural world or in the cities”, he said, as he collects Europe Press.

Other socialist sources told Public that it does look carefully at what may happen in Jaén, a province much pampered by the PSOE in other times, and in which the discomfort is enormous. The platforms in this province are deeply rooted in the territory due to successive disappointments. It is not only the PSOE that observes these movements carefully, so do United We Can, and Citizens and PP: there are those who believe that Jaén Deserves More could even serve to stop Vox in Jaén, because part of the vote of disenchantment could go there

The implementation of the Colce plan (Concentration of Central Logistics Bodies of the Army), in Córdoba and not in Jaén, a decision by the Sánchez Government that has ended up in court, has been the straw that broke the camel’s back in a province, located in the passage between the plateau and Andalusia in which it rains on wet, after the decline of Linares and what they call “the cobra of the AVE”, which, to reach Granada, to the south, does not pass through the province. It goes directly from Córdoba.

In Eastern Andalusia, thus, there is a deep malaise and disaffection with Seville, on account of infrastructures and investments, which has even led to propose, in the manner of UPL in León, a disengagement from the Autonomous Community and increase the power of its own institutions. . César Girón, from Together for Granada, puts a face to this movement. “We are finalizing everything and we will adopt the decision shortly in an assembly. Everything seems to indicate that if [nos presentaremos]”, indicates to Public.

Movements of this type of independence have also emerged in Almería (Action for Almería), due to the connections –the train–, the economy and the idiosyncrasy of the area, attached to Levante. However, it is still early to know if there will also be minimally solid candidates in the next regional ones.

“This is very simple. When a province is dying, those who fight for them are grabbed, they are taken into account and thus they enter into negotiations. They receive us and attend to us very politely, but nothing is solved. In Huelva and Granada they are doing things. All the marginalized provinces, all of them, will realize that if they continue on that path, they only have this left. Thus, they will begin to wake up and exist, we will have a fairer nation and the investments will balance the economy of the territories. people will not have to emigrate and we will have a voice,” he told Public Juan Afán, from Jaén Deserves More.

Regarding the accusations of cantonalism, his colleague Camacho assures that there is “a common integrating criterion, of cohesion, which will lead to greater equality among Spaniards.”


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