The spokesman for the UN Secretary-General assures that the bombing in kyiv is “disrespectful” towards his people


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UN Secretary General António Guterres visits the Ukrainian capital, kyiv. – TIWTTER @ANTONIOGUTERRES

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The deputy spokesman for the UN Secretary General, Farhan Haq, declared at a press conference this Friday that the bombing of kyiv while António Guterres was in Ukraine is “a lack of respect” towards the people of the region and a “sign that there are parties that want to continue this war.

“He made it clear that he saw this as one more reason why the war should end. He really took it as a sign, not of disrespect towards him, but towards the people of kyiv. And we have also known, of course, that A journalist died in those attacks, and we send our condolences (to the family),” he explained.

Regarding the latter, the American radio corporation Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) reported that the journalist Vira Girich died in this bombing, as confirmed by the chief editor of the station’s Ukrainian service, Inna Kuznetsova.

The bombing, in which a dozen people were injured, four of whom had to be hospitalized, took place on Thursday during the UN Secretary General’s visit to the country. After that, Guterres promised this Friday that the agency “will redouble its efforts” to save lives and reduce the suffering of people in Ukraine.

“In this war, in all wars, civilians always pay the highest price,” Guterres said on his Twitter account, where he declared himself “moved” by the “resilience and courage” of the Ukrainians. “My message to them is simple: we will not give up,” he has settled.

During his visit to kyiv, Guterres acknowledged that the UN Security Council “did not do everything in its power” to prevent the conflict.

The UN Secretary General traveled to the Ukrainian capital after visiting Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. The Ukrainian president openly criticized Russia for having been the first stage of Guterres’ trip in the midst of the armed conflict.

The UN secretary general called on Russia to “end the war as soon as possible” and promote “an effective dialogue” to achieve a “peaceful solution to the conflict in Ukraine, unleashed on February 24 by Putin’s invasion order.

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