The Spanish left, portrayed by the position of the German Greens before the war in Ukraine

since it started russian invasion of ukrainethe Spanish ultra-left, part of it within the coalition government presided over by Pedro Sanchez, has not missed the opportunity to make a fool of itself by maintaining positions in favor of peace that, in the face of such aggression against a sovereign country, are very difficult to justify. When they do not reject the shipment of weapons that he asks for at all hours President Volodymyr Zelenskysign manifestos for peace together with the entire world extreme left in which they “demand” the end of the war in Ukraine and where they forget to mention Vladimir Putinthe cause of it, which is not without merit.

Before this manifesto, the members of Podemos have actively and passively rejected the help that Ukraine needs in the face of such aggression, which is none other than weapons. Four days after the start of the war, Podemos criticized the decision of the European Union (EU) to send weapons to Ukraine to defend against the Russian invasion with the excuse that “it is not in the line of détente” and asked to focus efforts on “channel” the conflict with diplomatic meansgiven the open channels of dialogue between the two countries.

On March 2, when President Sánchez announced that he would also send weapons, Podemos put on one of his numbers in Congress. The internal division of the Government was more evident than ever during the plenary session in which Pedro Sánchez appeared at his own request to explain the Executive’s position in the face of the conflict. The president’s announcement to send “offensive weapons” left United We Can Completely Misplaced to the point that the powerful Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarrawent out into the halls of the Chamber indignantly to charge against the decision.

Although Yolanda Diaz He distanced himself from the position of Belarra and Montero, the next day the leaders of the purple formation lavished themselves on the media to show their differences with the second vice president. Spokespersons, deputies, ministers and other personalities of the purple formation paraded through the radio and television programs to lead the story of ‘no to war’. And on March 6, Irene Montero I affirm that would oppose sending arms “at all costs”while Belarra influenced the division of the Executive, pointing to the PSOE as the “party of the war”.

Not even the barbarities that Russia is now known to be committing have changed the position of the most stubborn, who denied President Volodimir Zelensky applause when he spoke in the Congress of Deputies on April 5. Both Enrique Santiago, leader of the PCE, and deputies from the CUP and the BNG, avoided applauding the president of Ukraine. Minutes before the intervention in Congress, the United Left also criticized President Zelenski.

“Pacifism is now a distant dream”

Faced with this attitude that is impossible to sustain given the dimension of the aggression against Ukraine, an unjustified invasion and in view of the massacres against civilians and the crimes committed by the Russians, the German Greens wanted to make their position very clear.

It is true that two decades ago Los Verdes they nuanced their extreme pacifismat a federal congress held in Berlin in March 2002, after which they included in their program that although “violence cannot replace politics”, its use “cannot always be excluded” if it is “legitimized by the State of law and international law.

But, in case there was any doubt about the situation created by Putin with his invasion, this Saturday they wanted to position themselves clearly in favor of the policy of shipment of weapons to Ukraine of the coalition government of which they form part with social democrats and liberals, and of an extraordinary budget of 100 million euros for the Army.

Most of the 99 delegates who participated in a congress held in Düsseldorf seconded a motion which defends, among other measures, support Ukraine “with effective and complex weapons, also heavy”. “It’s about limiting the consequences of the war and helping to put an end to it.”

The Greens are committed to “assuming responsibility” as a government party that are already opposing “decisively” the “Russian regime aggression“.

Germany must also “take an active and responsible role within the European Union, NATO and the international community,” the document adds.

“The Greens they are and will remain a peace partythat is beyond any doubt,” said Omid Nouripour, one of the co-presidents of the environmental group. But he adds that “the situation in Ukraine forces us to do things that a few weeks ago we not only would not have wanted to do, but that we would not have done“.

The green ministers of the coalition government, Robert Habeck Y annalena baerbockresponsible for the Economy and Foreign Affairs, respectively, are staunch defenders of the hard line against Moscow and they are currently among the highest rated politicians in Germany.

In relation to the Ukraine war, Habeck recently stated that “pacifism is now a distant dream“. The Spanish far-left does not seem to understand it that way, which, as we have pointed out, is stubbornly opposed to providing the Ukrainians with the weapons they need to defend themselves against Putin’s aggression, maintaining a childish and irresponsible position, impossible to defend from any point of view. A position that should lead them, out of consistency, to abandon the coalition government of which they are a part, which they will not do.


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