The son of the dictator Marcos prevails in the Philippine elections and becomes the most voted leader

Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has prevailed in the elections held this Monday with more than 30 million votes and 97.62% counted, according to the latest data from the unofficial count of the Electoral Transparency Commission (COMELEC). The results still need to be examined by Congress.

“Thanks also to my colleagues for their support, not only to the rest of the candidates but also to the party; for making a better tomorrow for our beloved Philippines,” Marcos declared after topping the presidential election lists, according to the network. CNN Philippines.

Also know as bongbong Marcos, 64, the aspiring head of the Philippine Executive, would take over from Rodrigo Duterte. Although the family of the still president will continue to be present in the Government of the archipelago with Sarah Dutertedaughter of the president and who has obtained more than 31 million votes to occupy the Vice Presidency.

The current vice president and biggest political rival of the Marcos family, Leni Robredofalls far behind in the race for the Presidency with half of the ballots won by bongbongwith more than 14 million voters.

In third place in the unofficial count is the former boxer and world champion manny pacquiao surpassing three million votes for the Philippine Democratic Party-People’s Power. They are followed by the also actor Francisco Moreno Domagoso with over a million votes and the former Director General of the Philippine National Police, Panfilo Lacson, which barely garners the support of 870,000 voters.

‘Bongbong’ tops unofficial tally with 27,052,601 votes

To win the head of state in the Philippines you just need to be the candidate with the most votes compared to those achieved by its rivals. In this way, these elections could be established as the first in three decades in which a candidate wins by an absolute majority in the archipelago.

The electoral campaign between the candidates, which has lasted three months, has been aggravated by massive disinformation that has flooded social networks, especially Facebook, the most used by Filipino citizens. A matter of fake news of which the Philippine journalist and Nobel Peace Prize winner has been warning for years, Maria Resa.

The students reject the possible victory of Marcos

The student group of the University of the Philippines (UP) has shown on Twitter its rejection of the victory of bongbong Frames. Filipino students have explained that they have nothing against the elections, but that “Fraud and non-compliance with the law is the administration’s response.”

Therefore, they point out that “we will not allow we are ruled by thieves and murderers“. The official account of the university representation has asked students from all over the country to take to the streets under the slogan “there are no classes under a Marcos presidency”.

The return to power of the Marcos family

Interim results could the return of the Marcos family to power in the Philippines. Ferdinand Marcos and Imelda Marcos were expelled from the archipelago in 1965 after a peaceful popular revolution that ended the dictator’s regime.

The trigger for the revolt was marked by the uncertainty of those responsible for the death of Senator Benigno Aquinowho was assassinated by a supposed soldier when he was getting off a plane in the middle of the electoral campaign.

Several American and Filipino journalists later released a recording of the events. Three soldiers removed a body from a truck and positioned it next to Aquino’s. Marcos version was that a thief had broken into the station area and shot the senator.

The government of Ferdinand Marcos established martial law in the Philippines leaving at least 3,257 people executed, 35,000 Filipinos tortured and 70,000 citizens imprisoned at the hands of his mandate. The Anti-Corruption Court in Manila sentenced Imelda Marcos to 77 years in prison in 2018 for seven crimes committed between 1968 and 1984. Ella Imelda is currently free on bail.


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