The socialist Lobato defends exempting the wealth tax: “It is enough that Ayuso criminalizes the great fortunes”

Juan Lobatothe PSOE candidate for the Community of Madrid facing the regional elections, has announced the fiscal measures that will be the backbone of his electoral program: a drop in the regional section of personal income tax for income of up to 100,000 euros and exemption from inheritance, gift and wealth taxes.

In an interview granted to The Spanishhas also pointed out that both proposals will only affect the big rents that are “productive”, understanding this concept as those that are not taxed in tax havens. “No one who inherits or has productive assets is going to pay a single euro,” she asserted.

Along the same lines, he has spoken in a message on his official Twitter account, deleted an hour after its publication, which read: “It’s enough that Ayuso criminalize the great fortunes. People who have a lot of money are normal, with a high economic capacity, but they don’t want to flee the country or hide their money.”

A message that has been replaced by another a few minutes later in which he clarifies what was previously written: “Ayuso lowers taxes on large fortunes and accuses them of wanting to flee or hide their money. I propose raising taxes and treating them with respect,” he says. .

However, despite the correction on Twitter, in the interview with The Spanish the socialist candidate has been emphatic when affirming that “in Madrid, before it was as if only the PP could talk about lowering taxes”.

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