The silverside began to eat after spawning in Cuero de Zorro

The strong winds had forced us to suspend the departure on two occasions, in times when the ban forced us to fish only on weekends, when it occurred to them to blow with intensity. Once it was finished, and with good weather forecast, we were able to make the pending note with our friend Matías Pinto, guide in the lagoon. Fox Leather, from the Trenque Lauquen side.

We left last Saturday with Carlos Sosa, Roberto Metteucci, my son Enzo and the person who tells you about this trip, Luis. As the trip was a bit long, we decided to arrive on Saturday afternoon, spend the night in the dormis on the lagoon and be able to start fishing very early. Matías and a group of fishermen from Junín were waiting for us with a tremendous barbecue, which we enjoyed, and then we rested to start Sunday with batteries.

We woke up at six in the morning, shared a good breakfast and began loading our equipment to the trucker. An important tip for fishermen who visit lagoons and go fishing privately, It is recommended before starting the day to speak with locals or guides who are very clear about the situation of the areas because they are fishing very often in them. These will be able to give you at least two pieces of information that will be useful. One is in which sectors of the lagoon the silverside is biting and the other, at what depth it peaked the day before. These answers will earn you hours of fishing and can make the outing a success or a real failure. This comes to mind since some boats left with ten fish and, in our case, we met the quota in five hours, with a spectacular silverside. Upon our inquiry, the other amateurs had fished in the center of the lagoon with drops of 25 cm, while we had fished very close to the coast and with depths that averaged 80 cm, which at the end of the day made a tremendous difference. .


Matías Pinto is a guide for those who study fish behavior, one of those who have it very clear. We approached a coast where the flamingos were doing their dance, that was a sign that in that sector the bite would be good, because these birds do it to get food and it is an unequivocal sign that there is a lot of it there and the peje will be eating in the place . We started fishing, some with the descents at 80 cm, as Matías and others had advised, trying to have spots on the surface, at 20 cm, which is much nicer, but less effective in this case. The activity on the lines did not take long to appear, being more followed with the longer branches, and much more spaced in the short ones, So, after half an hour, we all listened to what he told us. The strikes were very timid and contrary to what always works, on this occasion it was not necessary to strike when the buoy had already submerged but when it made that subtle movement to the side, otherwise the strike would be missed.


The bait we used was live mojarra, but once we had some teeth, we filleted and the yield of this fillet as well as that of silverside gave the same result. The lighter buoys, in this case, gave better results than the heavier ones, and those that had some combination with black worked very well.


After two hours of fishing and having caught about 50 fish, Matías invited us to move and look for the big ones. We sail to a sector almost at the end of the mirror and again we anchor very close to the coast, moving the last 50 meters with the oar so as not to make noise that would scare away the fish. What we went for, we achieved. In this place, the loads were much larger and all very even. In addition, the fish ate more firmly, there were not as many missed bites as in the first point chosen. The silverside is very well fed, tremendously vital, in many cases they jumped out of the water. It is not a long fish, but it is thick, with sizes ranging from 350 to 600 grams.


When 2 pm arrived we decided to stop fishing, eat a beautiful snack on the boat and take photos. When we set foot on the coast we counted the silversides and we had achieved 124, despite having returned more than 20 in the half-day, so we had achieved the quota easily.


After arranging our equipment, loading everything into the car and greeting Matías with the promise of seeing us on the coast to surely make some notes of fishing in the sea, we returned to Chacabuco happy to confirm that The mirror is more than populated with good and combative silversides.


  • Fishing Guide. Matías Pinto. Tel.: (02954) 680541).

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