The Silent Hill 2 remake will be faithful to the original but will include “more attractive” fear factors for the audience

MADRID, 9 Jan. (Portaltic/EP) –

The study Bloomer Team has ensured that will keep the essence of the original game in the ‘remake’ of Silent Hill 2however, has indicated that there will be changes relating to how to make the fear factors that characterize this title are “more attractive” for the contemporary audience.

The developer company Konami announced in October the ‘remake’ of the famous psychological horror game for PlayStation 5 and PC via Steamintending to bring players back to the eerie mist-shrouded town with enhanced visuals, sounds, and gameplay.

Now him Polish studio Bloober Teamwho has been chosen to take charge of the ‘remake’, has expressed his intentions to stay close to the original Silent Hill 2 “putting this idea in the spotlight”, as explained by the Marketing Director, Anna Jasinskain an interview for Dread XP.

Thus, Jasinska has stressed that the followers of this title “should not worry” that the essence is lost because the study is sticking “faithfully” to the canon of traditional history. In fact, the Marketing Director has pointed out that this is one of the reasons why Konami entrusted them with the ‘remake’.

However, he explained that they are redoing the game and updating the graphics from scratch. In addition, Bloober is applying adjustments in certain areas “where things need to be modernized due to the passage of time”, has sentenced Jasinska.

In fact, one big visible change is the adoption of a over the shoulder camera. As he has transferred, this new approach altered the perspective of some iconic pieces, but also meant a revision of the combat system.

Similarly, Jasinska has highlighted that the latest technological achievements amaze when it comes to “making images pop”. “We have some ideas on how to make the quirky scare factors more appealing to contemporary audiences,” he concluded.

The new Silent Hill 2 will feature the leading man James Sunderland and his search for clues in the town of the same name, after receiving a mysterious letter from his long-dead wife Mary. Players will discover creepy monsters and other reworked manifestations of James’ consciousness. after 20 yearsusing the state-of-the-art technology for playback on modern 4K entertainment systems.

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