The serious accusation against the father of Lautaro Martínez

The father of Lautaro MartinezMario, is president of the Club San Francisco de Bahía Blancaand in the last hours he was accused of a serious act of violence.

On Wednesday, the club Tandil Gymnastics pointed out that the father of Bull physically attacked a player after the game that both teams they played corresponding to the first leg of the semifinals of the Pre Federal tournament. The institution from Tandil issued a strong statement and He asked that he be punished for the act.

Around midnight, Gymnastics published a message on social networks giving details of what happened: as they explain, Fluff Martínez attacked Leonardo Gogna due to the footballer’s claim for the lack of water in the visiting locker room that did not give the team the opportunity to bathe after the game they lost 2 to 1 and before starting the return to their city.

Until now, neither the club nor Martínez issued any response to the strong accusation made by Gimnasia de Tandil. It is worth remembering that Mario became president of San Francisco de Bahía Blanca at the beginning of 2022.

The Tandil Gymnastics statement against Pelusa Martínez

“Violence is the limit. Through this writing, We want to strongly repudiate the violent attitude and aggression suffered by our soccer player Leonardo Gogna at the hands of the President of the San Francisco Club, Mario Martinezat the end of the match between the team from Bahia and our institution for the First Leg of the Pre Federal semifinals

Physical violence was Mr. Martinez’s response to our soccer player’s claim for the lack of water in the visiting locker room that prevented the delegation from cleaning up after a soccer match and prior to a trip of more than 5 hours

We reiterate our rejection and We request that letters be taken in the matter due to the serious misconduct of the highest authority of the institutionwho is also recognized for being the father of the world champion soccer player, Lautaro Martinez

It is the obligation of those who direct the strings of an institution to lead by exampleand nothing further from that happened tonight.”


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