The Senate gives the green light to the abortion reform, which must return to Congress

The majority of the Senate has shown this Wednesday its support for the reform of the abortion lawwhich seeks to guarantee the right to voluntary termination of pregnancy in public health and to eliminate the requirement of parental permission for under 16 and 17 years.

The law thus culminates its process in the Senate and must now return to Congress for final approval, having incorporated some amendments, such as the proposal by the PSOE to prevent women who wish to terminate their pregnancy from being subjected to unscientific practices to condition your decision, how to listen fetal heartbeat or view a 4D ultrasound.

The draft law to reform the law on sexual and reproductive health and the voluntary interruption of pregnancy promoted by the Ministry of Equality has had 146 votes in favour, 110 against and 6 abstentions.

The Minister of Equality, Irene Monterohas thanked the feminist majority in the Senate for their support in moving forward with the reform and has stressed that without sexual and reproductive rights, women are not full citizens.

“Legal and safe abortion in the public so as not to die, contraceptives so as not to abort and sexual education to decide,” Montero highlighted.

PP and Vox have presented two separate vetoes considering that the law violates fundamental rightsviolates women’s freedom by eliminating reflection days and information on aid and alternatives and does not have the social and political consensus that such an important issue requires.

According to the PP senator Antonio Romanthis law limits the freedom of conscience of the doctors whom it “indicates and stigmatizes”, while from Vox they point out that the norm “promotes a culture of death”.

The vetoes have been rejected and the PSOE senator Eva Maria Granados He recalled that 83% of Spaniards are in favor of abortion and that this reform does not oblige any woman to terminate her pregnancy. “Rights are not to take away freedom from anyone, but to give it to whoever wants to exercise it,” she stressed.

After the long debate on Wednesday, only two new amendments have been added, one compromise of a technical nature and another of commitment so that the will of the woman is taken into account when choosing a surgical or pharmacological abortion.

The socialist senator Gloria Isabel Calero He has censored the attitude of the PP and has told them that women are tired of grandiloquent words: “They are not on the side of women because rights are not achieved with great phrases, but by legislating, voting, approving and with laws published in the BOE and his track record on this is zero.”

From the PP, Patricia Rodriguez He has denounced that this law violates the parental authority of the parents and has criticized that a 16-year-old girl can abort without parental consent, while she needs authorization to go on an excursion with the institute.

For his part, Román has denounced that the law has been processed urgently, and has described it as “disrespect”. “This is motivated because they see that their time is running out. Tick tock, tick tock, Pedro Sánchez’s time is running out and that is why we urgently see these laws within his ideological agenda,” he said.

From CKD, Sara Bailac He has addressed PP and Vox and has warned them that, when they deny the right to abortion, what they achieve is encourage women to resort to unsafe and clandestine interventions: “Congratulations gentlemen of the right and the extreme right because every time you debates about women’s rights manage to take us back several decades.

The PNV senator Maria Dolores Echano He has highlighted that the law recovers the right for minors aged 16 and 17 and has recalled that 9 out of 10 minors go to have an abortion accompanied by their parents, and the rest do not do so mainly because it could lead to a serious conflict, such as violence. intrafamiliar: “With this modification we protect vulnerable minors”.

And although the text has had the majority support of the Chamber, various groups –PNV, Geroa Bai and Junts per Cat– have urged removing any reference to surrogacy from the law and addressing this issue in a separate law or in family law.

The controversy over the reform of the law of only yes is yes has crept into the debate and from the PP they have once again called for the resignation of the Minister of Equality. “Montero does not resign and Sánchez cannot dismiss her because she is part of the agreement to maintain this Government,” they have denounced.

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