The Salamanca City Council, in the hands of the PP, supports an act of the Carlist ultra-right

Mass, procession and speeches by ultra-rightists to commemorate the Immaculate Conception’s Day with institutional support. This Thursday, December 8, Salamanca will host a religious-political act sponsored by the ultra-Catholics of Carlist Traditionalist Communion (CTC) with the collaboration of the Salamanca City Council, governed by the PP.

The poster disseminated by the extreme right for this meeting bears, among other things, the logo of the municipal government, which appears as a collaborator with the CTC branch in Castilla and other extreme right-wing groups in the same orbit, such as somatemps, Living Tradition either Hispanic Unit.

The organization of the meeting is in charge of the Beatriz Galindo “La Latina” Cultural Associationa group that, according to its website, “seeks the cultivation and development of traditional culture and society, Greek philosophy, Roman law, Christianity and Hispanic traditions, especially from Salamanca”.

The president of this organization –registered in the municipal registry of associations of that city–, Guillermo Carlos Perez Galiciawas interviewed a few months ago by the far-right Javier Navascues for digital Now Informationpress organ of the CTC.

Poster of the meeting sponsored by the far-right Carlists with the collaboration of the Salamanca City Council. PUBLIC

“Traditional society seeks excellence like the Greeks and Romans, but in an even more advanced society (and already more Christianized) such as the Hispanic society. Which is in the antipodes of the tyranny that was imposed later, the law of the jungle and immoral tribal systems of false liberties, with a superficial and false veneer of progresswhich destroy meritocracy and self-sufficiency,” Pérez Galicia said on that occasion.

In the act of this Thursday 8, the ultra-Catholic network plans to celebrate a mass in the Church of San Polofollowed by a parade and procession to the Plaza del Concilio de Trento.

The celebration will end with speeches by Pérez Galicia and Javier Barraycoa, a veteran leader of the Carlist ultra-right. “After the speeches, the Immaculate will be sworn in as Queen of Spain and Co-Redemptrix,” its organizers advance.

“Blurring Femininity”

The Carlists have included the act that has the collaboration of the Salamanca City Hall in the list of events that will take place in the coming days to celebrate the “feast of the Immaculate Conception, patron saint of Spain and of the Carlist Youth“.

“In these dark times, when all the powers of the system strive to corrupt the youth, in blur femininity or in making us forget that Spain is the land of Mary, the Carlists will take to the streets to honor our patron saint,” they point out in a text.

The Carlists who “collaborate” in the organization of this event together with the Salamanca City Hall They are the same ones that hold indoctrination camps for children and adolescents every year.

“Educate Chivalry”

On November 25, coinciding with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the CTC released a statement stating that this scourge “would be corrected to a great extent” if its recommendations were followed: “penalize induced abortion”; “support evangelism” and “educate chivalry”.

“If schools and the media educate children with the utmost respect for the femininity, motherhood and womenit is evident that the results would be better than if what is instilled in boys is a hedonistic, materialistic, hypersexualized and egalitarian mentality”, they maintain.

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